Best Android Phones Hide applications

Hello friends

Today you are sharing a mix of fun and amazing apps with friends, if in this application you will share some of its features with your friends so that you can share this information with your friends and if you have a heart. If you are satisfied you should install it as well.

If you install this application on your mobile, tell them about this application that no one will feel that you have an app lock or collector inside your mobile. Why has the developer designed it in such a way that no one seems to think it’s a collector or it’s a scooter app locker.

Best Android Phones Hide applications
Best Android Phones Hide applications



importance notes


Application Characteristics:

1.Hide all presented applications (No ROOT Obtaining)

2.Password protection(When the first time,need to make the mystery expression)

3.Supports hiding any applications used on adaptable phones(Easy way stow away applications)

4. The hidden applications can be used in the Calculator Vault, moreover use the guideline interface on the phone.

5. Open the application just standard smaller than expected PC, if you don’t understand mystery express can’t use the Calculator Vault.

6.Hide Notifications, pull out in 3 modes all/basically number/none

7.Hide applications from later

8.Gallery Module to stow away photos/pictures(Protect your puzzle photos/pictures, avoid others find them)

9. Add a simple course to the concealed camera(use the hider’s worked in camera to take private photos)

10.Hide Videos and play Videos


As your friends are shown inside this picture nothing seems to be a collector or security is being uploaded.

step 1:install

When you install it you have to open it from your SIMPLY after install

step 2:After installing open

After installing, you can set your password here from the Symbol that you like.

step 3:set your password

Once you enter the password, after entering the password you will have something to do with it.

step 4 any picture video etc Hiden

Then you can have any of your picture videos even lock and hide, and your plates will disappear and your fruit manager will be scared too.

this app password forgot

If you have ever forgotten any password for your cache, you can go to the assembly from your mobile and send it. And within this application it has the option that you can format.

If you do not have a password set from within the application then you have to go to your mobile setting from SIMPLE. After that you have to go in App Manager and clear your application data there.

Then you can come back and set a new password inside your application


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