Which best Mouse Logitech MX Vertical vs Anker Vertical completely different

so there’s a lot of vertical kurgan amma caught there and the two main ones are

  • the Logitech MX vertical here
  • the Anker Ergonomic Mouse

they’re both really good mice and they both come from completely different places the Logitech over here is more on the higher inside and the Anker is more of a budget Mouse we as the consumers need to make a decision on which Mouse we want to get today we’re going to be opening both boxes weighing out the pros and cons of each to figure out which one makes sense to purchase we have both of the ergonomic mice here and  

the Anker Ergonomic Mouse

you can see the box is very clean very well designed love the way it feels kind of like a cloth / rubbery feeling the mouse does have a forward button a back button extra button here and on and off switch the battery port which takes to triple-batteries a USB dongle which slides right into the port here at the bottom of the mouse to use the mouse you need to plug this dongle into a USB slot on your computer with this dongle you’re able to use the mouse both on

the anker ergonomic Mouse
the Anker Ergonomic Mouse


Anker Mouse devices contacts

Windows and Mac devices please click the mouse on you can see a little red light here as well as a red light here that complements the design of the mouse the back and forward buttons do work on the windows computers but they do not work on Mac the anchor mouse doesn’t have much customization options the only customization options built into the mouse is this button right here which is the DPI switcher when you press itthere’s three options you have slow medium and fast for your cursor movement speed there’s no app or software you can download for this Mouse so you’re gonna have to use it as is now let’s hop over to the Logitech mouse on the back we have a few small details describing some of the features

of the mouse where it says you have a 57 percent tilt angle which helps with the muscular strain in your wrist where it says you will reduce your muscular strain by 10 percent first impressions, it is much larger than the Anker mouse have medium-sized hands and I could see that this is definitely made for people with the large hands it does have a forward and a backward button extra button here as well you can connect this mouse up to three devices and just switch between the devices all you do is push the button you can see the line patterns here which makes it very easy to keep your grip on this mouse you may have noticed that there is no bad reports here the way the Logitech mouse charges is through this port right here which is USB I like the fact that they put in USB see here and there moving towards the newer cable technologies to charge the Logi tech mouse you’re gonna have to use

Anker Mouse front-facing port

the front-facing port herewith the included cable the great thing about the included cable is that you can use the mouse while it’s charging if it’s on low and then when you’re done charging the mouse you would simply unplug it and put it off to the side somewhere and use it wirelessly the charging on this Mouse is extremely quick with one minute of charging time with this

Anker Mouse charge

mouse to the USB see you can use the mouse for up to three hours and on a full charge you can use the mouse for up to four months is a lot of time so you will very rarely be using the included cable there’s two ways you can go about connecting the Logitech mouse to your computer you can either use the included USB dongle just like the Anker mouse or you can connect it via Bluetooth so what are some of the pros and cons about the Anker here and the Logitech the thing I like about the Anker mice over here is the size feels smaller and for my medium-sized hands, I feel that I can I have a better grip on the Anker Mouses as opposed to the Logitech the


Logitech mouse

Logitech mouse feels like I’m grabbing a baseball or something huge so if you’re someone with mid to small hands I would suggest getting the Anker so let’s talk about the grip on both of the mice the

the Logitech MX vertical here
the Logitech MX vertical here

Anker does have a more slippery feel to it and the Logitech is more grippy I think that maybe because of the line textures here so in terms of grip I would say that the Logitech is the winner here both mice do have the ability to connect via dongle to a computer however the Logitech has two options to connect you get the Bluetooth and the dongle something cool that I like about the anchor that the Logitech doesn’thave is it has this little storage compartment here so it’s convenient in the sense

best wireless mouse

that when you’re traveling you won’t lose your dongle it’ll just be attached to the mouses the Logitech, unfortunately, does not have a slot for the USB dongle to go anywhere but that’snot too big of a deal for the Logitech because if you’re using the mouse with Bluetooth you won’t need the dongle at all in terms of

Logitech Mouse devises contacts

compatibility the Logitech wins here it works right out of the box on both Mac and Windows you can use the back and forward button as well as this shortcut button which you can assign to do whatever you want you can make this button open up Windows applications switch between tabs pause and play your music etc anything you want to do with this button you can do it and the only thing

the Anker button does is switch dpi and you can’t program it to do anything you want so both of these mice are great but which one should you get it really depends on what computer you’re using and what your needs are if you’re on Mac I would not recommend

Logitech MX ergo wireless

the Anker because the back and forward buttons do not work on Mac which is kind of a bummer however the DPI switching does work on the Mac computer if you’re on Windows of the buttons are gonna work the back the forward and the dpi switching if you’re on Mac I would


  • the Logitech MX vertical here
  • the Anker Ergonomic Mouse

recommend getting the Logitech economic Mouses in terms of price the Anker is the winner here coming in at only $20 and


the Logitech here is pricier Mouses and it comes in $60 to $70 dollars depending on where you get it so choosing the best mouse really depends on what computer you’re using and what your budget is if you’re on a tight budget and you’re on those I would recommend the

Anker however if you want something more premium and you don’t mind spending the extra cash


I would suggest getting the Logitech the Anker mouse will work with but like I said you won’t be able to use the shortcuts so if not having shortcuts on a Mac is fine for you then the Anker mouses

would work perfectly for you so after using both mice I’ve decided that I’m gonna use the Logitech vertical mouses reason because I’m on Mac really like my shortcuts and I want everything to work normally for me alright that’s been my review on the Logitech and the Anker ergonomic mice if you’re planning to get a different mouses completely let us know if there anything else cool out there if you comment this article

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