TOP 3 Best private Browser 2022 – Top 3 Best Web private Browsers For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers, VPN & More

So, in this article, I show you the three best web browsers that I use on my laptop all the time on my computer. For that reason, Did you know that most of you probably use Chrome, and Chrome has a 60% share of the market? But, you know, a growing problem is trackers, ads, all that bad stuff, you know – at the end of the day, people think that security is really important when you’re surfing the web.

So these browsers are intended for security. I’m showing you using the top three browsers and I show you the daily used browsers that actually pay you to see ads, it prevents trackers, all of which are super cool. Things are things. So, friends, without further ado, I see you on the screens, here we go. Well, guys, jump straight into it. So –

Tor browser/Tor privacy browser

the first browser I show you are the most security-intensive browser. It does not have ad-blocking but is the most secure browser and is not as user friendly as the average web user. I’m not going to lie, it’s a little bit and whistles ring, it looks good.

Top 3 best private browser - For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers VPN web
Top 3 best private browser – For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers VPN web

That’s what this browser is about. This browser is about solid security and other browsers are going to show that you have an end to hours and whistles. But, I wanted to quit this browser, because it’s a TOR browser. So basically what it does is that it rotates your IP address so that you are completely anonymous. No tracker. They still show ads, but those ads don’t really suit you because they don’t know where you are, who you are, and basically the TOR mechanism is that it’s passing like onion skin. There are many different layers that go through, so you’re completely anonymous online. But it’s a really nice browser and it’s very easy. It seems. They recently made an update. All you can do is create your own bookmarks at the top. Let’s just go to the TOR website now, so you can click on the TOR here. Let me show you that it logs you into Dick Diego. So that’s it, so it’s basically Google’s alternative to what it’s called Dick Dakota.


I don’t use it that much, you know, I still use Google a lot, but it’s great and it gives you everything you need. So you are here, you can see here, you can click on the TOR project online, and it will show you the website. So here it says, “Browse privately. Explore freely. Defend yourself from tracking and surveillance. Abortion censorship.


So basically, it’s totally, you know, security-centric, you can get all your stuff here. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but it uses a top browser. You know, if I, you know, if someone sends me a website, they say, “Check it out”, I don’t know that person, I don’t know the source. Always run this on the TOR browser to make sure it’s not trying and, you know, draw your IP address or find out about yourself because at the end of the day, you know what to do. Has been put into some websites. , Which are not safe, and then people can get data about you and this is not what we want, and you know it gets to the point where it is just like we are tracked. Expect to do, we expect people to know what we are doing online is really not and should not be. You know it


Privacy is really the key when talking about going online, so this is basically the first browser, the TOR browser, I recommend checking it out. There aren’t many bells and whistles, boys. It’s a very simple thing. Literally, it’s just a security-based browser. Type things like YouTube. Let’s take a look. So you click on YouTube, here’s the bookmark. It’s not the fastest browser in the world, but you know, you can browse and you know you’re fully protected, no one can track you, all this great stuff. But this is the third one, let’s look at some other browsers. Well, friends,


epic browser/epic privacy browser

so the next browser I chose is the epic browser. now, These people have really, really good reviews of good browsers. This is my second best example, not a browser used on a daily basis, not a lie, and the reason is that it is built on Chromium. So Chromium is basically open-source code for Chrome, but what they did is because it’s open-source, they tweeted it, they changed it themselves, and they made a browser.

Top 3 best private browser - For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers VPN web
Top 3 best private browser – For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers VPN web

Which is more security-focused? It has an ad blocker and it works Have an encrypted proxy and it’s not even a TOR, but it’s just as good as the TOR. It is not as secure as TOR, but there is also a secret proxy that you can use where you are in the world where there are scrambles and you can basically choose which country you want to be a part of. Want. So I’ll check

It’s real quick out… So it’s a few bells and whistles as well so I’ll show you the good stuff. If you talk like you have a good looking browser and the next browser is going to show you, then I think that would be great for you as it is really nice, but here It says “the world is only a private and

secure web browser”

however, you know, that’s not true, there are others, but “ads, trackers, fingerprints, crypto mining, ultrasound signaling, and more. Stop 600+ tracking efforts. Browsing sessions – Turn on network privacy with your free VPN “. So basically, you also get a VPN. Download the epic now. I have clearly downloaded it. Yes, it’s basically – a proxy is basically a VPN that really is,


You know, a lot of people have to spend a lot of money on a VPN every month, every year, whatever. It basically has a proxy and a VPN built-in, which means it’s pretty cool. You know for free this is a great deal, right? So yeah, really, really good stuff. And look it says here on average six hundred tracking attempts, you know to browse. You should never know this, the internet is very central. You know that such a browser means that you can learn more, look decentralized on the internet, and the top here is really, really good. So what we can do is click this button

Top 3 best private browser - For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers VPN web
Top 3 best private browser – For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers VPN web

here, and you can basically turn on Epic’s secret proxy. So what you do is you can turn it on or off. And then you can only

choose which country you are in.

So Singapore, India, Netherlands, all the way to the UK, Germany. So basically,

if you know, going to a website that you don’t want jurisdiction over, you only do so by turning on the encrypted proxy. You can go and stay. You can live in Germany. You don’t have to be there, but you can live in Germany, you can be in India, you can be in Singapore, and then you can ignore these issues too. Because in the news you see more and more things as you know, you know America. You cannot buy it online. You can’t do that. You can not do that. It’s like a nanny state. The worst thing is a cryptocurrency with big country governments – especially China and the US. Ready to use yourself You’ve got this built-in VPN proxy service. Plus, you can select more things here so you can see if you want to enable the plugin. You may have encrypted data and you can basically configure it yourself,


A little more than TOR, and you can create it if you like, the script can run in all sorts of nice things. But in addition to all that, there is still a bit more to it. So, you know, when it comes to Chromium, it’s basically the same so you can get all your bookmarks. You see I’ve got all my bookmarks. You can really put it on so you have the icon, too. Not because I have more data but at the end of the day you can basically make it as personal as Chrome if you want. It says how epic works, your search engine. I think what they use is their own epic quest. Yeah, so that’s great. You could use an epic, it looks like you could just type in, you know, something like Google.


Right? So you type it in and take you to sites like Google. Will But like, I say you may have more bookmarks. This browser is a little more customizable, but, now I want to show you how to use the browser on a daily basis, and I think you guys are really going to be like that. Well, friends,


Brave browser/Brave privacy browser

so this is the browser I use on a daily basis and so far, I think, is the best of these three browsers. Those two other people are actually protecting security but they don’t have everything else. He’s literally got everything and I’ll explain what he has now. I’ve been wandering around for a long time but let’s just dive in. So basically, the brave browser in which it is included with ad blockers. It prevents trackers, it boosts your HTTP upgrade and saves you a lot of time due to browser speed. So look at this. That’s really interesting, isn’t it? So here I am

Top 3 best private browser - For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers VPN web
Top 3 best private browser – For Privacy, Security, Ad Blockers VPN web

For about six months, the browser had another brave browser, as well as six months to a year. Overall I have been doing this for almost two years. But look, I’ve basically blocked one hundred thousand blockers from about six to six, maybe a little longer, maybe about a year, let’s just say, for the sake of argument, a hundred million trackers. So I’ve blocked a million trackers. I’ve blocked 500,000 ads, which is just mind-blowing. HTTP Upgrade- I upgraded six thousand five hundred times and I saved myself ten hours. Just surfing the web. So basically when you’re in this browser, you’re basically completely anonymous. You know what your parameters are, and the cool thing about this browser is that you can actually pay to see the ads and I’ll go into that one more cuz that’s a really cool part. Is. Depending on what you do in these sessions, you are primarily paid for advertising.


But, so basically the bottom line is that you won’t track and you won’t get any ads. So this is the base layer, right? The next layer is, well, so you have this thing called the Shield. So it’s really, really cool. So basically, all you do is click on the “Shields”, give you a drop-down menu, and you can basically choose what you want and you Want to make the browser safer. So let’s say it is called third-party trackers. You can disable these third-party resources and external sources. Then you can contact HTTPS with upgrades like this one. Yes, you can. I allow scripts because I don’t think the scripts are too complicated, you know the end of the day if you don’t want to play the script you don’t need but the scripts are basically like You go Auto-play on the website as you know, is something on the screen. I’m happy with it, but then, you know where it says I can then stop third-party cookies – which I’ve already done – and you can basically come. And you can do whatever you want, stir it with whatever you like.


And I think that’s really powerful because for the average day user, you know they don’t want you to even know it, to be turned off, so it’s like an experiment, or They also don’t want to be so open that everyone can just see what you are doing. You know you get it in the middle ground, and brave browsers do a great job of educating you on this, as well as if you’re not a tech-savvy, you know, With things.  So it is as if I have separated Brave from all the other browsers because, at the end of the day, Brave is once again built on Chromium and Chromium is the open-source of Chrome.  If you click on it and go up, this is exactly what Chrome will be using. But they basically changed it again for themselves. He tweeted about his inner workings. They’ve made it so you can’t trick yourself to work. But then this is the next part that I think is the most important thing and it sets everything up. This, this browser, I think you know,


It throws water out just because of it – and it’s called brave rewards. So what you do is you click on it and it will come down and it will show you a balance, OK, and it’s called the primary focus token. See, if you’re not into cryptocurrency, the main focus is token crypto, it’s on the Ethereum blockchain, and it’s basically a currency that advertisers need to buy to buy ads. , And then you can see it and reward you for it. Those ads. DosWhat De Brave Browser Identifies – Platform Data is essentially what brave browsers do when it comes to Google Jewelry Ads – instead of forcing Google ads to appear in front of you and only ads. Well, look what your neck, brave browser says, let’s get rid of this model and we say if an advertiser wants to advertise, we will make it.

It’s free on the platform, and then they pay you directly so Google isn’t in the middle. They literally give you the main focus token directly, and then you can go and sell these basic focus tokens for whatever you want in dollars, pounds, yen, bitcoin. I know it’s a bit of crypto stuff. I have another video that I will explain in more detail, I will put it on top, and it is just as if I were diving like a secret part of it. But basically you need to know


Someone who is on this thing, right? If you want to tip content creator. That’s not my account to say, right? It’s built-in the brave browser. You can just click “Send a Tip” and it will come along. This will say Mac app, which is my YouTube channel, obviously, and you can basically tip them, you know, 5 BAT, 10 BAT, 20 BAT, you know, know 1, $ 5. ,. 10, whatever. The main focus is a very, very small amount of tokens. You can actually tip content creators because you actually pay to see ads. This is a really cool part, which I think is different.


So if you click on the brave rewards, you come to this screen, OK, and it looks like this. Well, I basically estimate this month’s earnings, I’ve made 4.6 basic focus tokens, which is $ 1.53. My last payment was 29 BAT and this is a monthly basis. So last month, I made $ 10 from what I saw from ads, which is a small amount, but nothing is as good as anything else. At the end of the day with Google, you’re only forced to advertise. You have to see loads of different content that you don’t want. We only see what I want because you get a note.

“Do you want to see the ad?I don’t think it’s even video content yet. So you basically take you to their website and if you go to the website, your main focus is on advertising. Yes, and I made $ 10 this month. So it’s really a small amount overall. I made about $ 50 dollars and it didn’t end like the last few months. I bought some basic attention because I only received a real payment. And then you can use Ofold, which is to say, actually use your brave wallet folder to make a purchase. And if you guys are not like all this crypto and you know, that sounds like money – the future is going this way, people. Tech lovers But, at the end of the day, in the future,


you are paying for advertisers and you are using cryptocurrencies to withdraw. You’re using different things, you know, it’s in your bank or not in your bank. Well, maybe you don’t even have a bank. So it’s really introducing you to see how it works and how it works because I’m getting paid to see ads. Basically, the browser tells advertisers what kind of ads they want and then it will feed you their food. They do not receive information that the browser contains information but you are served ads that are relevant to your history. That way, it says here that you can do like auto contribution tips. The Auto Contribution feature is really, really cool. You basically click on Auto Contribute, and then the more you visit some kind of site, the more you say you go to YouTube or say a lot on a shopping website or whatever, This basically punishes the content creators as much as your attention. So let’s say you visit my website and watch my YouTube videos a lot. This means that I will get a percentage of what I want to give you every month. So I hope I’ve made it as easy to explain. Brave browsers are full of different things. As I said,


I made another video on it which is recommended to check out this video. But yes, it’s a really smooth browser. Let me think if I missed anything, this guy is too much. You can also visit their website which says “You are not a product.” If you want to download it I will leave the link in the description. I highly recommend you, you know, even just give it a chance, yeah, you know, look around because Chrome is not doing any good with you in the last days. The brave is on your side. Yes, it’s on a mission to fix the web, browse the web 8 times more than Safari or any Chrome. It takes no further charge of your data here, stops brave unwanted content, earns rewards, and returns it to its favorite content creators, the brave blockchain software dye that runs voltage. It can check you out after only ten minutes, stopping the software around you in the links of Brave. But I recommend checking it out, or as I said, I put it in the details to download the link. And people I think this is for you guys. Enough. Like