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Hello friends
Friends today that you are about to share hide apps with friends is very amazing and amazing and you can use these hide apps inside any of your iPhone like you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone. 6 This app will work perfectly in case you have an iPhone mobile

hide apps in iphone

While using this application, you should read all the terms that are inside this hide apps in iphone so that no one will issue inside the mobile later and your mobile will be able to access it easily. And this is the Application  that can stand up to any of your iPhone. This app is specially designed for iPhone so that it can be easily accessed by whatever iPhone I use.

Hide apps in iphone for useing

When you install this app on your mobile you should read all these things carefully before installing because it is very important for your mobile and also for friends if you want to use. تو. The first thing you need to do is to download this application. After downloading you have to install the application. After installing the rules, you have to accidentally delete the application. Can standby your iPhone within mobile.

how to hide apps on iphone 7

Yes friends you can use this app in your iphone 7 also absolutely free you will find all the friends or functions which are functioning in android mobile first you have to download this app. After downloading it has to be installed inside your mobile after installing then the application can stand in your iphone 7 mobile absolutely free.

Why there is a start from the hiden or twofold WhatsApp?

– You can kill the covered application notice from our App Hider setting.

How to stow away the application hider itself?

– Tap Protect App Hider image in App Hider Home

– Setup your mystery word.

– Then in almost no time. Application Hider will change into a Calculator.

– Open the Calculator and tap your mystery word then your App Hider Home show up.