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Welcome to the World Cricket T20 One Day Live!

Cricket is not just a game, it is a love where every victory is a celebration.

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When it comes to cricket, we are all spectators!

The live cricket app is going to see your live scores and cricket matches … Get there, get the best result. You will find videos of World Cup qualifiers, IPL, PSL, BPL, and Caribbean League. You can get ‘Super Fan Stats’ ahead of the game and watch all the exciting matches from your peers. So, install, check and watch cricket.

  • The cricket formats we cover are:
    One Day International (One Day)
    Test match
    Base Twenty20 League
    Ten overs (T10) league
    We cover major cricket leagues:
    Indian Premier League
    Pakistan Super League
    Australian Big Bus League
    Bangladesh Premier League
    Caribbean Premier League
    Asia Cup
    T20 World Cup 2019
    One Day World Cup

Use Cricket Direct: We have something different to offer!
Follow international and domestic matches through our live video stream. Get access to the biggest stars of the game:

Direct Match:
Get live cricket match coverage, ball-by-ball commentary, team lineups, and match stats.

International and league matches:
Watch the live  of your favorite international or domestic cricket match.

Instant Update:
The latest league results, including the PSL, IPL and major leagues and tournaments. Content is updated daily so you can miss the latest videos to love this game.

Get Highlights:

For minutes, cricket matches were highlighted around the world.

Receive notifications:
Get instant info and find out what happens with the series name, date and location tomorrow, next month or year.

Supports all formats:
Get super-fast scores across all three formats – T20, ODI and Test matches.

HD quality result:
HD quality results with fullscreen viewing options.

The live cricket app is designed for a better user-friendly experience.

Low bandwidth:
This app works wonders with low bandwidth.

Lightweight app:
The live cricket app is lightweight and provides accurate information with a well-laid framework

Free app:
Unlike other apps, the live cricket app is absolutely free and does not require your credit card information.

Direct Cricket App has no affiliation with PSL, IPL, ICC or any of its affiliates. Direct Cricket App does not claim to own any content. The app does not guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of any app data, changes can be made without any prior notice.
In any event, Cricket will not be liable for any damages of any kind directly on the misuse of cricket information. We state here that we do not host any links or rivers. If you find a violation, write to us and we will resolve the issue promptly.
I’d love to hear your suggestions for the Cricket T20 Modi app directly.


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