whatsapp tracking 2020 | whatsapp tracker | whatsapp online tracker free app download

whatsapp tracking 2020

Hello friends
Friends Today You are about to share a fun and amazing application with friends. With this app, if your profile is viewed by anyone your friends see, then you will know first. Who has opened their profile and who has done amazing and amazing application.

Inside you will find even more functions. This application is absolutely free and with it you have to connect to the internet. If you do not have internet, then this application will not work if you have If you have internet and have opened this application through your internet then you have the application to work

whatsapp online tracker free app

whatsapp tracker This app will track any friends who see your profile or visit your profile.The entire database will tell you who has visited your profile

whatsapp tracking 2020 | whatsapp tracker | whatsapp online tracker free app download


Download & install

The first thing you have to do is download the application. After downloading you have to install the application inside your mobile. If it does, it will not walk correctly to you.


whatsapp tracker

Enter Mobile Number
Then you have to enter your mobile number inside the application on which your WhatsApp will be created.


If you add any other number inside this application then you do not have this permission nor will anyone show you the data of who has seen your profile.
You have to enter the number on which your WhatsApp is set up

Then you will come inside this application and you can see here who has seen your profile, who has visited your profile and what you are doing. The eyes can see that he is also absolutely free.

Within this application will come advertisements which will upset you but you will not get tension.

Note” whatsapp tracker app user

If this app gives you any trouble or problem you can contact us in the comments.


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