5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Are your visitors going to your site after having read the first article?

Increased page views and lower bounce rates are major issues for website owners. By showing posts that are related it is possible to keep users engaged on your site and improve engagement.

In this post, we’ll present you with the top related post plugins available for WordPress along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Why Show Related Posts on Your WordPress Website?

The best method to keep your users interested in your website is by providing them with related content. It’s proven to be successful in getting more page views.

It also assists users in discovering articles they would not find in other ways. Numerous popular blogs utilize this method to boost the amount of time people spend in their leisure time.

The ability to show related posts allows you to internally link content. This helps your readers to find lesser-popular articles, and also improves your WordPress website’s SEO score.

There are a variety of related post plugins available for WordPress which can streamline the entire process.

However, these plugins utilize different methods to locate relevant content. Some, for instance, might display posts from the same category as similar posts, whereas others employ multiple factors to boost relevance.

Let’s review some of the most effective related post plugins that work with WordPress.

1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the top WordPress Google Analytics software for WordPress and is utilized by more than 3 million users. It allows you to create Google Analytics on your WordPress website without changing code or engaging developers.

With MonsterInsights it is easy to show related posts within your content by using The Popular Post feature. You can select from a variety of themes, and also customize the post’s title color, font color, size, and so on.

MonsterInsights allows you to organize your relevant posts according to comments and shares on social media. It is also possible to manually add posts you wish to display in the Related Posts area or display automatically the top 5 posts of Google Analytics.


MonsterInsights provides a variety of themes and options for customization to show related posts. You can also display the most popular products when you have an online retailer. Additionally, you can select which posts to show.


If you’re looking for more robust and advanced tracking capabilities like the ability to track eCommerce, customized dimensions, and tracking of form conversions then you’ll require to purchase the MonsterInsights Pro license.

2. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin known as YARPP is among the most well-known WordPress-related post plugins that have over 100,000 active installations. It allows thumbnails as well as the display of text for related posts.


YARPP utilizes a built-in algorithm to identify relevant posts. It comes with a wonderful template system that allows text and thumbnails, as well as different types of posts, as well as RSS feed displays.


If you’re running an extremely large site then YARPP is a resource-intensive plugin. The premium variant of the plug-in can solve this issue by performing heavy lifting on its servers.

YARPP cannot be used for use with the WPML plugin. If you plan to develop a multi-lingual WordPress website, you must select Polylang.

In the end, YARRP is blocked on managed WordPress hosting services like WP Engine because it could cause a slowdown to your website.

3. Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is a different WordPress plugin that displays related posts. It is designed to enhance relevance by contextually matching posts. It can display posts related to each other as thumbnails and also text.


For posts that are text-only, the system works in the default settings and is a much simpler setting page. It attempts to display images within the post as thumbnails if no featured image or thumbnail is available.


The plugin is not equipped with a template that can display thumbnails. Instead, it shows thumbnails in the form of a bulleted list. Users can add your CSS to design it, however, beginner users might have difficulty.

Similar to YARPP This plugin isn’t scalable on larger websites. Managed WordPress hosts such as WPEngine have stopped the plugin from being used by their customers because when you have larger sites, it will make your site slower.

4. Related Posts by Taxonomy

Taxonomies within WordPress can be used to organize the content according to different categories. Tags and Categories are two of the default WordPress taxonomies that are used by the majority of WordPress blogs.

Related Posts Related to Taxonomies plugin lets you show posts using the same terms of taxonomy. For instance, you could select to display posts based on Tags or Categories.

The plugin will then show related posts that are filed in the same tag that is currently displayed.


It is simple to use and provides only a limited amount of control over what’s shown as being related to the item. It works with custom post types and taxonomies This lets you show related items to other content items too.

It is possible to display related posts within posts with or without thumbnails or as an in-sidebar widget.


The plugin is limited in its alternatives compared to other similar posts plugins. It only employs the taxonomy term as a metric so your results might not be the most relevant posts.

5. Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts This plugin is distinct from other plugins on this list. Instead of displaying related posts underneath the content of your article, this plugin will show them in your posts. This type of inline presentation of similar content has become well-liked on blogs and news sites.


Displays related posts when readers are more engaged with the content and most likely to visit. It’s easy to set up and lets you decide what you show inline-related posts within your content.


If you would like to display similar posts towards the bottom of every post, you’ll need to install a second plugin. A couple of related plugins in one site could be extremely resource-intensive.

Bonus Tips

You might have noticed that we’ve repeatedly said related post plugins could be resource-intensive. There is a chance that certain plugins won’t work when using a hosting shared WordPress hosting.

In this case, it’s possible to make use of MonsterInsights to display related posts. It’s a simple plugin that doesn’t affect the performance of your website. Additionally, it allows you to display related posts on your website.

Another alternative is to show related posts using thumbnails without plugins.

We hope this article will help you locate the best Related Posts plugin to use on the WordPress website. Take a look at this guide to get additional tips on how you can increase pageviews and decrease bounce rate on WordPress and also the top WordPress plugins designed for businesses.

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