How to Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts

Inline-related posts are getting extremely popular due to the larger news websites. Inline-related posts are simply a link to an article relevant to inside an article that can increase pageviews. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how to insert inline-related posts into WordPress blogs.

Why and When You Need Inline Related Posts?

Most of the time you can simply link the blog post naturally while writing. In other instances, bloggers typically use related post plugins that display relevant content towards the bottom of the blog post.

The ability to show related posts lets users view more excellent content on your site that is relevant to them.

The traditional related posts plugins can add Related posts to the conclusion of an article, what happens is the case if the user doesn’t get this far?

This is where real-time inline post links are useful. You can design them in a way that makes them make them stand out and not distract readers from reading the article.

Check out the way Mashable does this in the image below:

It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? In addition to increasing pageviews, it also aids in SEO as it’s linking your blog posts. Check out our guide on how to optimize your blog posts for SEO.

Let’s look at how to include inline-related posts in WordPress.

How To Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress?

The first thing you must complete is to install your Inline Related Posts plugin. After activation, you will need to go to Settings >> > Inline Related Posts page to set the plugin’s settings.

You’ll need to click the Active option to access the settings for your plugin.

You can alter the look of the posts that are related to them. appear in your posts.

There are two themes for free which you can choose from as well as modify them by changing the color.

Below the appearance options, you’ll find a choice to include related posts from inline within existing posts. You can choose the number of links you wish to include in each post. You can also specify the number of words you think are to be used as a gap between two posts with similar hyperlinks.

Make sure to hit the save button to save your settings.

In certain situations, it may not be necessary for the individual post to show related posts inline. In such a situation, it’s easy to turn off these inline-related posts for certain posts.

Click to edit the post, then scroll down a little. There will be a related meta box for the post and an option to turn it off in the right column.

This article should help you create inline-related posts within WordPress blog entries. It is also possible to take a look at these 21 plugins that can help you manage the management of WordPress Multi-author blogs.

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