Advanced Keyword Research Article (5-Step Blueprint)

– In this article, I am Amjad Khan to show you ‘s outline of my five-step proven keyword research. This is the map I used to help my site grow to more than 100,000 unique meetings each month. In Berlin Dean, the founder of Backlink, wherever a marketer leads to higher rankings and more traffic. And today you’re just learning how to find the best keywords for your business. Keep watching. When I first started with SEO, my approach to keyword research was a complete mess. Then, I’ll delete the latest and greatest keyword research tool and start typing in a set of random keywords. So, what’s wrong with this approach? My competitors were doing exactly that. No wonder


Advanced Keyword Research

Most of the keywords I found were very competitive. Now over the past several years, I have developed a keyword research blueprint that is really good. Specifically, this blueprint will help you uncover keywords you don’t know about your competition. So let’s take this step one of the first steps that identify your customer’s personality. This is a step that most people bounce on and it hurts them. (Zip) Oh. what was that? So what does the reality of your customer identity mean? Let me explain with an example. My site sells SEO training products to small and medium businesses. Most people in my position will open a Keyword Investigation Tool and type things into it. SEO training and


Advanced Keyword Research

SEO course in tool. What’s wrong with this approach? As I mentioned before, your competition is doing just that. This means you’ll be able to run on exactly the same set of keywords as your competitors. But more importantly, this approach ignores the most important facts about your customer and the fact is: your customer spends 99.9% of their time online searching for what you sell Do not In other words, if you only target your customers when they look for the right product to sell to you, you lose hundreds of other opportunities to reach them. For example, in my case, I found that most of my clients are SEO agencies. So that’s where I went to forums and online communities


Advanced Keyword Research

SEO agency owners tried to move around. That way I can see what my target customer is looking for when my SEO training wasn’t looking. And I discovered that there were dozens of keywords that my target customer typed into Google that were related to my product but had nothing to do with SEO training. Keywords like page traffic How to get more traffic and SEO tools in SEO listings. And since I target these keywords and get my business in front of my thousands of targeted customers every single day. And when my target customers are ready to buy I’m the first person that comes to mind. It’s the power to research keywords based on your user personality. And all you have to do for this step is say that my user is X



For example, if you run an online flower shop, you might say; My client is a bride getting ready for her upcoming wedding. It was easy, right? Now that you’ve identified your user, it’s time to look for topics that interest your users. This takes us to the next step in our keyword research outline, which is searching for topics that interest your customers. So how do you find these topics? It is easy. Get to where your target customer is online. Then find the topics they talk about. Seriously, here’s the thing. For example, in my case, my customers discuss marketing-oriented communities like and In your case, your target customer may hang.



Out to places like Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Industry Blog and niche forums. Once you’ve identified where your target customer hangs, it’s time to look at the topics that matter to them. For example, in my case, I found that link building was one of the most popular topics in online communities that my audience spent time with. So I wrote Link Building as a title. And I kept digging until I found at least five topics on which my target users talk about online communities. Now that you have at least five topics, it’s time to look for keywords. Here are four of my favorite tricks you don’t know about competition to find keywords on tape. First, we have Google



Suggest. To use this strategy, just turn to Google and type your title into the Search field. But do not press enter. Instead, take a look at your suggested keywords on Google. These are usually great, long tail keywords that you can go after. As a quick pro tip, try to put some space before your keywords.


This will show you a completely different set of keyword ideas.


Next, we have Quora is a large group of people who ask and answer questions on every topic under the sun. All you have to do is search your topic in Quora and see what keywords are coming up. Our next step in finding keywords is to use Reddit. Like Quora, Reddit is a large group of people who discuss everyone


The title of the pet under the sun in politics. Use Reddit for Keyword Research to find your topic by searching the Red Red Database. When you find a thread on your topic, look for words and messages that make you frequent. They create amazing keyboard ideas. General Chat Chat Lounge Next we have a Google-related feature. To use this feature, type your text into Google. These are usually the best long keywords as you can target your content. Finally, we have Wikipedia. The other site had separate documentation for topics such as multiple walks. Lingerie football



Legan Helias, rule of five seconds. Use Bitcoin to use Bitcoin in your topic and type Bitcoin into your article. Then take a look at the other entry that links to this article. These are usually related topics, even potential keywords themselves. Make sure you check the table of contents for registration. Now, these are usually keywords that are closely tied to your topic. You now have a list of possible keywords from the list so you can choose the best one from your list. How? By analyzing the business intent of each keyword. For the first time ever, I speak on top of Google for my target keywords. And because his word contains a ton of search volumes that rank this site.


Create 60,000 unique visitors each month. allis good? Wrong. It was also thought that the keyword had found a ton of marine people that broke the keyword flat. Who has made money from which traffic is impossible? Sorry, friend, I’m broken. That’s why I pay close attention to the business intent of a keyword today. Someone is probably looking for a given keyword to buy from you. Here you will know if your keywords are in a high business intent. First, go to Google’s WordPlannedType in one of your potential keywords. Then take a look at the bidding column in it. .It shows you how the MacDetisers are living



AdWords for one-click with this keyword. Obviously, the recommended bid is just as valuable as the keywords. To find out how many AdWords ads you are ignoring when you search for your keywords in Google. Bringing these searchers to their site by sticking to the butt. Okay, now it’s time for us to look at the volume that every keyword searches for. Back to Google Google will display the final number of your search in Google Word Planner. Unfortunately, this ship has traveled. Today, unless you’re running a dynamic AdWords campaign, they’ll show you one

Highly Required Search Volume Range So how can you see how many people search for your keywords? There are two free memory tools that work. The first is Type a keyword in SEMrus to find a keyword search They will show you how to find the many sections that are the month where to find the keyword. Easy. You can also use Next, just throw your keywords in the mainland, you will see an estimate of its value each month. Before deciding on this one keyword, I recommend one last bonus move. Now, this step is completely done. Optional. But my experience helps you find the key keywords for your business. And that step is looking for you


Advanced Keyword Research

For example, let’s say that you find two keywords that have the same search results and business intentions, and you don’t know which to choose. But when you look at Google Trends you will find that one word is growing in popularity and another is falling. Clearly you want to go with the keyword that is growing. A few years ago, this step saved my butt. I was debating whether one of the two had a word toggle. Google WordTooler Google Word Planner? You see, Google has recently redesigned the Google Keyword Tool into Google’s Word Planner. But Google’s word tool still finds 20 times more resources than Google’s word

Advanced Keyword Research

Planner – So I pulled Google’s almost wordless trigger. Unless I look at Google Trends. When I saw that Google’s word planarware was searching for Google’s word tool while skating Sky, I decided to go with Google’s keyword plan as well. It was a good move. I now rank this keyword in the top-notch and this is a keyword that is increasing in popularity every day. Okay, so this is all on my five-step keyword research blueprint. If you follow blueprints, you should have a handful of great keywords. Can use. And once you talk about creating pages and creating content around those terms. If you like this video, make sure.

Advanced Keyword Research

Subscribe to my YouTube channel now. It is easy. Click the Subscribe button here now. Likewise, if you want a special SEO technician, I only share with users to sign up for for a newsletter. it’s free. Now I want to hand it to you. Which step in this video was new to you? Or you might have already tried them all. If so, you probably have a favorite technique that works well for you. Leave a quick comment right now. Well, let’s do this. I’ll just do that if … oh man, I can’t do that hard. is good? Okay, yeah, more to go. In-depth, PFT, PFT … OK.


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