Appyn Apk Theme Version 2.0.8 With Api key Free Download

Free Download Appyn V2.0.8 – Themespixel with Free Api key WordPress Theme

If you plan to create an app site, then Appyn Theme Version 2.0.8 is for you as it is developed so that you can upload information from Android apps. You have several options for you to add the app’s data, video, and images. How to create a professional Appyn Theme use APK website create and use automatically upload APK files

If you want to download Appyn Theme latest version V2.0.8 You can easily download it with just one click with API key

We are concerned about the speed of the Appyn theme, as it greatly influences the Google results and of course the user. We have optimized the theme for the best possible speed. Page speed results for mobile devices: (see test)

Appyn Theme Speed. Pages peed

Appyn Theme Speed. Pages peed

Results of PageSpeed ​​for Computers: (See test)

Appyn Theme Speed. Pages peed

Appyn Theme Speed. Pages peed

Appyn Theme Results in Google

We know that, beyond being in the first position, the way a result is displayed in Google also influences the user clicking on it, which is why we use the stars in each publishing application to appear in the results of Google like the following picture:

Appyn Theme Results in Google

Appyn Theme Results in Google

Appyn Theme Optimized and Responsive Adapted to any device

Optimized for perfect viewing on any device, from desktop to mobile phone. With support for Retina images o

n Hi-DPI displays, we’ve designed every detail to ensure your site always looks beautiful in any environment. RESPONSIVE –

Instantly adapts to any screen size. OPTIMIZED: fast charging, first mobile design. RETINA READY: sharp and clear images on Hi-DPI devices.









Appyn Theme Instant search + Ratings + Social buttons

Search engine: By having dozens of publications and looking for a specific application, we use the search engine, in this case we have an instant search engine, which just by typing a few letters will start searching and will give the result without plugins.

Ratings: In each tab of the application you can rate it with 1 or 5 stars, in addition to being able to share it by clicking on the buttons of the different social networks. Social buttons: link your site with your social networks.

Importer from Google Play!

The theme comes free with a feature to import content from the Google Play Store. This will help you create your posts in a faster way.

Appyn Apk Theme Version 2.0.8 With Api key Free Download you can automatically upload APK files to Google Drive!

Nine totally different Widgets

The Appyn theme comes with its own widgets that you can place in both the sidebar and the footer. Among these widgets we have the classics of Facebook, Twitter and to publish a YouTube video. The others are for the most viewed, highest rated, and most recent posts; You can filter all of the latter by categories.

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Old Version appyn theme api key Free Download

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Appyn Apk Theme Version 2.0.8 With Api key Free Download

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