avast browser review in 2022 | Avira Browser Safety Review

hello everyone welcome to another article and before we get in the article though I do want to say I’m trying to get more tests out there however I’ve been having some trouble lately when it comes to finding a reliable consistent Maur packs everything I’ve looked at is always either old outdated or just.

just not that consistent and a sense of the type of malware that’s in there and I really kind of am and worrisome that I’m gonna give a certain product advantage or a disadvantage relative to the malware I find so I’m trying to find some sources that are a little bit more in the way of consistent so I’ll just bear with me out there with that I should say all right but in the meantime

I know I had a long time ago I had a request to test a viewer browser safety which is very similar to let’s say McAfee site advisor or web of trust supposed to alert you to websites that can either harm your computer or harm you and as a person in the way of your privacy so let’s take a look at a viewer right up here in Chrome now via all browser safety is also available in Internet

safe website

Explorer, however I haven’t noticed some differences between the two or one particular difference now if you look at this one right here well let’s go to yahoo.com first so that we can get a clean comparison of the two products in a sense of looking at them on one website okay so if you look at in and explore first here you can see it’s a safe website you click on safe website

it presents you with this kind of faded window Simonton or no known threats website is basically safe all right click on options and we have an option to show a view of your offers and shows safety indicator and obviously if we need help we can go to the community for that however that’s pretty much it have this little feedback there not too much however in chrome

we do have a little bit more in the way of privacy protection as you can see it gives us the safe website however we do also have a trackers window now if I click on that it actually tells us the current trackers or tracking cookies that trying to in a sense keep an eye on where you’re going the Internet and then serve you advertising that would best be associated to what you are looking up or at least what you’re interested in so that’s kind of a lot people don’t like that just because

your browser history

it’s getting your browser history and that’s kind of person you know so that that’s where a lot people don’t like that and personally, I’m one of those people I don’t like tracking cookies I don’t click on advertisements so why would I want you to track me in a sense of what I’m looking up on the Internet this is really neat the fact that you can do that and obviously, you can unblock them if for some reason it’s a false positive and then I’m this right up here if it changes blue that also

I was reading online it said if that changes the blue that means that a tracker is not being blocked that one is actually still running and your privacy could be at risk in that point and if we go with options here the options are the same exact thing for Chrome except you now have an uninstall button right down here versus Internet Explorer where you have to go on to add remove programs and actually remove it from there it isn’t neat though I do like the little green bar how they have

the browsers websites

that up there on both the browsers it’s really kind of cool instead of cluttering the bar up here your title bar or having the menu bar have to be visible in order to see the actual program itself because I hate this menu bar just it bothers me I don’t know why I think it just kind of cluttered everything up the same thing with the favorites bar on Chrome don’t like it at all anyway so let’s go ahead and go to some malicious websites so let’s start out with let’s go to VX vault because VX vault seems to

always have some really good malware in a sense of bad malware viruses not just your standard advertising adware spyware boring where we’ll call it so plus if you Excel it’s pretty new in a sense though well I guess yesterday but yeah you can see the problems I’ve been having lately all right so we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna throw you know just the links at it and see how it does see

how many it blocks so let me get my notepad open up over here so we can go ahead and track all number 10 here and we’ll start with ten links see how well it does now I like I said I am gonna be doing the test in Chrome just because I feel that more people use Chrome than Internet Explorer and also Chrome offers the tracking protection so in my mind chrome would be more secure than

Internet Explorer computer

Internet Explorer all right link number one try this out okay so a viewer says it was blocked that’s good that’s awesome and now keep in mind whatever is not blocked we’re just gonna download through the computer but we’re not actually gonna run it because this is not an anti-virus it’s not actually gonna block it if it’s running on the system the only ray what the only way

it would block it is from being downloaded so but I do want to give it a fair shot and a sense of downloading the actual file and then maybe it will actually be able to look at the hash of the file or some other structure that it would then verify the file as malicious all right so that one was blocked so now we’re gonna go with number two here so number two let’s close this out and get a

fresh window open all right number two was blocked wow that’s pretty cool all right number three whoa now this one’s interesting this is not a typical gyro this is an actual IP address and obviously like URLs are IP addresses but in a sense um it doesn’t require dns to access it so that one was blocked too number three was also blocked so far I’ve ear is doing excellent I have to say this is brand new Mauer

different website

now we’re getting some older stuff so I think we’ll try one more here and then we’re gonna move on to a different website here and that one was blocked so for links blocked all pretty much zero day so that’s pretty much I want to call it quits for VX vault just because we’re now getting into the first of July which was quite a few days ago so we’re gonna head over to mal Cote now because mal code

I feel gives a very good database in a sense of wide range wide range database it’s been a long day guys so bear with me here if I say something doesn’t make any sense which might be all of it but you guys are smart you’ll figure it out right alright so this is gonna be link number five okay so it appears that the link number five was able to download so I’m gonna let that download it and we’re

just gonna then let it go in the folder and that’s it we’re gonna see if Avira somehow detects it but we’re not gonna run it so it shows looks as if Avira didn’t didn’t detect it whatsoever so unfortunately number five is going to be showing up as I miss on here let’s see okay let’s try cuz that was the same IP that one let’s try this one right here okay so that one was blocked

cool alright so number seven

that’s cool alright so number seven we’re up to now so number six was blocked that is the same IP we’re going to go ahead and try this one right here and that one was blocked okay number eight same IP we’re gonna move down the list a little more I want I want some actual like URLs here not not just ripe a addresses and I’m not seeing them let’s go ahead and try now our

domain lists alright so this one was really 629 so I’m assuming this one’s gonna get blocked but it’s also probably dead by now we will see what happens okay yes so it’s dead either way I know those are too old um let’s see what else what else can I go 200 its site let’s try cleaned antics look not MC okay malware site safe guys we can go there yay now

this site sometimes is a little finicky for some reason does not like running through VPN at all so what we’re doing that lets go to uh looks like it’s loaded finally alright cool beans all right Oh what are we gonna try let’s try let’s try this one right here guys okay that one was blocked so number eight was blocked then

just wallpapers

go to number nine no let’s close that out was that out Jordan generic okay so this one appears to have gotten through it also might not be that bad looks would be just wallpapers and in fact, a lot of the stuff isn’t loading this could be flash yeah this could be flash related but no

it shouldn’t because if I just integrated into Chrome so yeah it’s just not working we’ll call that alright um let’s go to let’s try this one right here alright so this is actually chrome that has blocked this website now so let’s go ahead and see if we can seconding horrible programs, yeah yeah yeah you may visit the site, yes and it’s dead anyway so that was actually Google Chrome that black of that

one so but the site was dead however I’m gonna count it as a Miss due to the fact that the URL was not blocked okay um let’s try another one here let’s try this one all right and that one was blocked and it also looks to me as if that is a year that I’m gonna almost count that is um a fishing URL right there cuz it very closely resembles Time Warner dot-com so I’m wondering if they

block available scripts

are trying to beat you by fishing okay so that one’s block you know what just for the hell of it let’s go ahead and run one more here let’s see if this one goes through not available hmm where we’re gonna start this aren’t we let’s try this one right here okay this looks like a bunch of scripts here okay no I’m gonna get one more here try this one say what happens oh that’s that adware hate

that adware we should just go away he doesn’t do anything cool alright now it was blocked so as you can see most of these are actually getting blocked which is really cool Avira did a very well job at actually blocking this so let’s see yeah alright um final verdict here and Avira browser safety well it missed two out of ten so that’s a really good result in my mind for a browser tool like

this one I think Avira did a fantastic job at protecting the system through the browser so I’m at they give it my recommendation now obviously take my recommendation with a grain of salt if you don’t like it don’t use it that type of thing but I might actually put this in as an add-on in my Google Chrome browser just because it’s extra layer protection you know you really can’t can’t

browser safety fantastic

go wrong with that especially if some other program doesn’t necessarily know if a site is going to try and steal your information and violate your privacy you know this one might pick up on it so I’m definitely gonna add this to my archive here so that’s going to be it go with it yet guys Veera

browser safety fantastic job go ahead and install it on your system it’s got my seal of approval seems very very lightweight at least the chrome version entered Explorer however as you saw a little bit lacking in the sense of protection when it comes to the tracking and privacy protection but overall let me actually just before we go here I’m gonna try and run a couple of links in

internet explorer here and just see what happens and if it can give us the same results so let’s go to VX vault here and check out what we can do with Internet Explorer considering these all got black I’m just looking for these same

internet explorer

results to show up an internet explorer here in a sense of it blocking it okay so that one I don’t know what happened oh well that’s not a URL so that’s what happened okay let’s know we’re gonna try it thought it looked funny okay and we can see Avira blocked it so overall both

browsers get really good protection when it comes to malicious packages being delivered to the system to the browser however obviously chrome was going to give you that tracking protection and Explorer from what I can see not necessarily there maybe it’s hidden maybe it’s in the background because Avira does state on their website that it does have tracking protection

it doesn’t say just for one of the other it just says it has tracking protection so that’s it I’m done now guys hope you enjoyed the video I know it’s not a full security review video and the sense of being into malware but it’s the best I can do right now because I’m trying to find some good quality malware packs that I can constantly why should I go there every single day if I needed to or wanted to and download and download it fast and get some tests up for you guys because

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