BGMI M9 Royal Pass Release Date, Price, All RP Rewards, & More

The Indian version of the most popular PUBG (PUBG1.9 Update) game supporting Android and iOS i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India has officially been launched. Although it hasn’t launched on the iOS platform, game developer Krafton has announced that BGMI players July be ready for the new season of Royal Pass.

In BGMI royal pass, players can see different and better types of bonus clothing, cosmetics, and weapon skins in every new season, which is very attractive and liked by many users because this thing is very good for you.

Well, know that the rewards that are thrown in the Royal Pass are good and some rewards can also be collected or claimed for free. And the latest 1.8 updates available that pubg mobile apk users can download.

BGMI M9 Royale Pass Release Date, Price

To purchase Elite Royale Pass at BGMI, you will be required 360 UC, while to purchase Elite Plus Royale Pass, you will need 960 UC. According to the leaked news, the next season is better than the last season.

Battleground Mobile India Royal Pass, Royal Pass and start the new season by eliminating the current season ranking.

New Royal Pass (Upcoming) BGMI M9 Royal Pass
Release date 19 July 2022
Royal pass M8 end date Ending Date – 18 July 2022
Royal Pass prize 360 UC and 960 UC

BGMI M9 Royale Pass Leaks Rewards and Free Rewards

BGMI M9 Royale Pass Release Date

BGMI Royale Pass is coming out every month with better rewards, PUBG / BGMI M9 Royale Pass start date is – July 19, 2022, the end date is – July 18, 2022

A new update for BGMI is released soon in the next few days, and the new update for BGMI will be rolled out for both Android and iOS users. To get ranked in the new season, the player has to buy a Royal Pass.

The start date of the next Royal Ticket M10 is: July 19, 2022

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About Season Cycle of BGMI/PUBG 1.9

There will be 3 seasons in the cycle, and players will also get additional rewards at each level. Each season of Cycle 1 will be counted as C1S1, C1S2, C1S3, C1S4, C1S5, and then in Cycle 2 each season will be marked as C2S1, C2S2, C2S3, C2S4, and C2S5.

BGMI M9 Royal Pass: FAQ

How many UC is required to unlock the Royal Pass

Usually, through two methods, users can buy Royal Pass through two different UC plans, through which you can buy Elite 360 UC Elite Pass in addition to 960 UC, it depends on you how much UC you have so you can buy this method purchase as you like.

Can Users get Royal Pass for free in BGMI and PUBG?

Yes you can get Royal Pass in BGMI for free but you have to use any better-earning app for this so you can earn it and recharge your game and upgrade ROYAL PASS by purchasing UC

What is a Royal pass?

Royal Pass is a bundle with a lot of rewards instead, those rewards include clothes, helmet skins, emotes, car skins, and other parachutes that can get all the rewards by buying the same set package.

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