[January 2024] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]

Hey, guys welcome to our new post-BGMI the battle mobile India game which looks like but the and famous nowadays and a new version of pubg mobile for only Indian players and today is the post we will share about these and also I will sure some registered in Goa for your favorite game so if you are waiting for urine cause for the better ground only for India o u r waiting for the new building code for the BGMI then we are here and we are giving you the latest redeem code for pubg mobile and Lite pubg.

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{January 2024} PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes Free Skins AKM, M416, AWM, M24
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BGMI Redeem Codes

I know all of you are so happy because Krafton has just released a new version of  PUBG Mobile for India because of the ban on the global version so now a January arate version of this game is now available for India officially. With the launch of BGMI, the officials also share a list of Redeem codes which are only for this view version so if you are playing this new version and looking for some free gun skins then these redeem codes January help you to get some legendary guns skins.

[January 2024] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]

These redeem codes are officially given on the BGMI Twitter account as a free reward to their new players so if you are also switching from the global version to the Indian version then these redeem codes January be great for you to get free skins of guns.

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BGMI AKM Skins Redeem Codes

AKM is one of the powerful guns in BGM I Battleground mobile India and the favorite most of their tail light is can so if you are a player and you have a new version of pubg mobile and get a credit account that has no guns and is not a nice gain of anything you can easily get all the things because of that we are here to give you all the Indian girl like take care lab coats in and it can help our skin on 1 a.m. glorious skin and all the AK47 skins are available gun skin,

[October 2021] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]
[January 2024] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]


then here you have a chance to get some amazing skins including AKM glacier skin, AKM Blood Oath Skin, AKM HellFire Skin which are the most beautiful skin of AKM in BGMI Ever and also many other redeem codes of different skins are included.

These are the following schemes for the can you can easily use this game and latest game quotes for pubg and pubg, Lite, easily and get gun skins

AKM Skins Name             Redeem Codes
Rugged (Orange) BGMITYHFHG
Golden Sand   BGMIAKM1112
Neon Destroyer BGMIWIHHK900
Yellow Stripes BGMIGDFDS
Blood Oath      SEASONBGQWE
AKM Skins      AKMBGMI0001
Rock Star        YSTDHYJHK
Hellfire HFTRHGFH00
[January 2024] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]

 these are the updated on January 2024 you can easily check out that and this 100% working code and you can easily get gun skins and much more from it Update on January 2024

BGMI Redeem Codes AKM

Dgn retain course you can easily get pk and from it because of that we are giving you are wonderful hidden code which you can use in BG MI and it is 100% working and you can easily get it without any problem so if you are looking for the Battleground game India you can easily check out that because of that in the am I is very venomous and 100%

BGMI M416 Skins Redeem Codes

Still, M416 Fool skin, M416 Monster skin are the most popular skins of this gun, If you’re an old player of PUBG Mobile global and now you’re switching to the Indian interpretation also you January need to produce a new account with no skin but if the M416 gun is your favorite and you dint want to use it without a beautiful gun skin also then we’ve

[January 2024] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]

a list of redeem code for your favorite gun which you can use to get numerous beautiful and fabulous skins including M416 Glacier skin. If you do not know how to redeem these canons also the new system for BGMI redemption is given below so follow that way and redeem them now.

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BGMI Redeem Codes M416

M416 Skins Name             Redeem Codes
Glacier Level 1            MIDASBUY-M416
M416 Fool Level 1      DTERdasdd180
Vibrant Graffiti AEFJKLSDM416
Extreme Racing          DARA-GDFDS
Vampire          QEASONQWE
Golden Trigger            BSDASSSREW
Desert Camo  EDSADASEW
Blood Oath      OTYLSNESAD
Desert Storm  MFDHGHGHGH
Update on January 2024
[January 2024] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]

BGMI SCAR-L Skins Redeem Codes

Scar-l is also not a bad gun for a close and medium- range fight and numerous players love to use it but without a beautiful skin, this gun looks so bad so her is the rearmost and working redeem canons for scar-l ordnance skins include amazing ordnance skins like Scarl-l Blood Pledge skin, Skar-l Gold Plated Skin, Scar-l Lightning skin and also some other fabulous skins which you can redeem within many twinkles so if you want also must try these redeem canons.

[January 2024] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]
SCAR-l Skins Name  Redeem Codes
Gold Plated  BGMIdasdd180
Lightning BGMIDFDFSF00
Yellow Stripes QLOAUSREW
Rugged Orange   AWHGHGHGH

BGMI M762 Skins Redeem Codes

M762 is also another closed ranged the deadliest gun also known as barrel one of the most popular AR with amazing skins so if you are also a big addict of this gun also it’s great news for you that this gun also comes with fabulous skin of global interpretation so if your was a play of PUBG Mobile global interpretation and switching to Battleground mobile India also these redeem canons are really useful for you

[January 2024] BGMI Redeem Codes M416, AKM, Scar-l M762 Skins [Battleground Mobile India]

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to get fabulous skin of this ordnance including Concerto of Love M762 skin, M762 Stinger skin, which are two most popular and most precious ordnance skins of m762 so if you want to try these redeem law also go and redeem them.

M762 Skins Name      Redeem Codes
Legendary SKIN         ERWREERRBGMI

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