Free Download Manager (FDM), the alternative of IDM. windows 10 for mac free


FDM relates to Free Download Manager. This software is acted as a download manager. As this download manager 

FDM Free Download Manager recommends system 


Windows and Macintosh, so we can correctly use it in both Windows and Mac OS X.

Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager

The design of FDM (Free Download Manager) is much improved and very helpful about its interface. By using this download manager, we can easily download any manner of files from any website through the website is known or unknown.

Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager

FDM Free Downloader Manager Proxy approved 

HTTPHTTPSFTPBitTorrent, and Proxy all of this are approved by FDM (Free Download Manager). If we talk about the downloading conditions by this download manager, then we can surely say the site is too fast and safe. A large file can move downloaded efficiently on this download manager.

Not only downloading large files but also interrupted downloads can be quickly returned. FDM (Free Download Manager) supports every download file, as usual, 


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FDM Free Downloads Manager using browsers

10 times.

  •  Google Chrome,
  •  Safari,
  •  Internet Explorer,
  •  Microsoft Edge,
  •  Mozilla Firefox 

these are the most popular browsers, and FDM (Free Download Manager) is proper for all of these browsers.

Free Downloader Manager Supported languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Danish
  • Chinese


My Views on FDM – highly recommended

Which is best Downloader Manager for PC?  as it is a freeware, so no trial version or incomplete/inactive features & the best thing I like about this software is that it directly downloads the online playing videos from everywhere like You-Tube or online watch Films kind of sites etc.

While downloading any media file can also be viewed in connecting the incomplete download that leaves you to check the quality of the data ere it gets fully downloaded. Moreover, it is a portable software that is if once established then you can easily remove (not supported) & can be bestowed by the program files installed too (no need to install again & again).


Things to be kept in mind:-
  • Install FDM free download after all browsers are installed as it provides a plug-in for downloading video.
  • Best works with the Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox for downloads add-ons else compatible by some other browsers also.
  • Allows you to set a Default Download Folder anywhere on your computer as well as you can Choose Destination at the time of downloading data.
  • You can Schedule Downloads, pause while working surfing to resume afterwards, shut down pc and Resume after start—very light software.