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Assalamu alaikum my name is Mohammed Arsalan and today I will teach you how to redirect any website, first of all, you know what is redirect. redirect is a process in which we go direct to our point, for example, we are opening a video to enjoy for example we are opening a funny video when we open the funny video the redirect  option which we include in our website is redirect our traffic to our website which means we get more and more traffic

redirect blogger to wordpress

Guys, I am telling you that what is redirect now I am telling you that how we can make a website redirect, for example, I am telling you to redirect blogger website to WordPress there are  many ways but I am telling you most common and easy way I am providing a link to you that you can download an HTML file script with the help of this file we are making our blogger website redirect to WordPress so you can follow

redirect blogger to any post

Guys I am telling you that how we can read write a blogger post to any post to drink this post and get more traffic on these particular post I am saying that we want particular post traffic we can get traffic on a particular Post with the help of HTML file which we provide you in the last of all and I am telling you how we can make this HTML file, first of all, we open the blogger website and enter the script and change into HTML script for example if you are not able to write a script search on On our website we are providing you HTML Script  you can download easily I am providing you with easy steps




redirect blogger page to another site

Now I am telling you and another important point to redirect a blogger page and I am telling you that any blogger page can be redirected to another site it should be  a common Sight It is any site you can do with your own site using this HTML coding script which is providing our website with easy step to download this script

Step 1: redirect blogger to any website HTML Script Download


I am now telling you that how you can download redirect blogger to any website HTML script which is I am telling you on a long written article I am now telling you how to download this HTML script because without this HTML script you can note redirect your blogger website to Blogger website to any other site page or else site without this HTML coding script you can are not able to make your website or your page redirect blogger page to another site we are providing a simple way to download this you are able to download these after 15 seconds  on our website or download button appear on the website you can download  by pressing on the download button you can download easily HTML coding file which we are providing

Step 2: open HTML file

Now I am telling you a very important point without this point you can not able to open HTML coding file first of all when you download your HTML coding file after the all competition of downloading you open you’re my computer and open the folder in which you save your HTML coding file after opening HTML file folder you see your HTML file And this text HTML file because I am giving you the actual file in Winrar show extract the file from WinRAR and open the file when you open the file after reading all the HTML coding you see that there is a website name which is tech to Amjad if you want to redirect your website your page or any other site you change or replace your website or page name with this website name which is tech to Amjad and than easily you can replace after the replace you can easily redirect your website page or any site

Step 3 redirect blogger theme edit

Now I am telling you very important and last step you are thinking that I am telling you all-important point because of that I am not want to waste your time the third step is that how to apply the HTML code file to your blog website or another website to redirect your website or a page, first of all, you open Open your blogger website and press the theme button the theme option you did find an option which name is the head after finding the name option which is head click on that and press enter after pressing the enter option will appear for pasting your HTML coding file you simply HTML coding file which you edit your name or website name that at least according to file in this option after doing this press enter again it is all that your website is redirect now



If any problems come in redirect blogger blog

The issue have any problem in making your website redirect using blog website with the help of HTML coding you can watch our video which we are providing you in the bottom for this article please video it is based on this work in this video I am telling you with the practical that how we can make we direct our blogger to WordPress using HTML coding file