Best Keyword Research TIPS for 2020 That WORKS

So who doesn’t know about SEO?

Everyone, right?

When talking about SEO, keyword research is the prime task that you have to take care of before anything else.


5 best Advance keyword Research tips - seo keyword research tips
5 best Advance keyword Research tips – SEO keyword research tips

In this article, I am going to tell you the top 5 tips that you have to follow keyword research campaigns.

Let’s head to the first tip.

#1 Choose long-tail keywords.

If you are one of those guys who is an amateur in SEO or if your blog doesn’t have the desired amount of traffic, then my advice would be to target only long-tail keywords in your specific niche.

The reason behind me asking you to target only long-tail keywords is as such because long-tail keywords have relatively less competition as compared to short-tailed ones as everybody is trying to rank on short-tail keywords and it’s cool to do so.

If you go with long-tailed ones then you are more likely to rank for that particular keyword.

5 best Advance keyword Research tips - seo keyword research tips
Choose long-tail keywords – SEO keyword research tips

Now there are a lot of benefits of targeting long-tail keywords. For instance, if you target only long tail keywords then you will automatically get ranked on short-tail keywords as well because Google perceives it as a sort of ranking signal which indicates that people are searching for a related long keyword and they are directing themselves to your website or blog; hence proving that Google is also capable of ranking on short keywords.

If Your On-page SEO is good then you can definitely rank on short-tail keywords with the help of long keywords. And I would also suggest you make do-follow links on long-tail keywords if you are just getting started with link building.


#2 Choose Less Competitive Keywords

I have already stated in the previous point that long-tail keywords have less competition.

Going with low competition keywords even if they are short tail is a wise decision in my opinion.

Keywords having less or no competition are very easy to rank and you can even rank on them without building a single link and completely depend on On-page SEO to rank your content.

I have seen blogs getting ranked as #1 on Google with the help of intuitively chosen low competition keywords.

5 best Advance keyword Research tips - seo keyword research tips
Choose Less Competitive Keywords – SEO keyword research tips


You have to target those keywords which are high in demand yet whose supply is still limited and untouched in the market.

You can use several different tools to keep track of keywords that have less competition. And more importantly, they will be free. I will be comparing all such SEO-research tools and how to use them in this article.

#3 Focus On High CPC

5 best Advance keyword Research tips - seo keyword research tips
5 best Advance keyword Research tips – Focus On High CPC

While doing keyword researching you also have to keep in mind that you are doing all this stuff to monetize your blog, ultimately earning a considerably good amount of money from the article that you are writing and spending time on.

So it should give you an average or above-the-average cost per click.

In order to achieve that, you have to Focus on high CPC keywords as well.

There are keywords available which have really less competition but do offer a very good CPC and to find them you have to research a lot for it because there are a lot of people who are searching for keywords every fucking second and it’s kinda difficult to come across keywords which have high CPC and low competition simultaneously.

With an above-average CPC, you can also target promising market (audiences), U.S., Australia, Canada, since these are the countries where advertisers offer their maximum CPC.

#4 Use Google Search Console (FREE)

5 best Advance keyword Research tips - seo keyword research tips
Google Search Console

One of the free tools which are available right now and provided by Google itself is Google search console.

This tool is just like a gun in your pocket, With this tool, you can literally get a ton of metrics and analytics about the keywords on which you are already ranking but your site is not optimized for them.

So What you can do is that you can look up for those keywords which are ranking on Google but your site is not optimized for them and after looking for them in your search console, Just make your blog or website optimized for it by implementing them on your On-Page SEO and get higher rankings on Google.

This is the tool that everyone knows about but no-one is using this free tool to its fullest and one advice that I would give to you is please use this as this is provided by Google itself for FREE and all the metrics that this tool shows are 100% genuine.

And with the help of this tool, I have got better rankings for so many keywords round there in Google and other search engines as well. So it’s a must-try from my side.

#5 Using Youtube For Keyword Research (Actionable)

5 best Advance keyword Research tips - seo keyword research tips



Now as the 5th Keyword Research tip I’ve got World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine – YouTube.


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