SEO – How to Rank on the First Page of Google


What’s Happening to SEOs? Oh,

carefully, this SEO tool that helps you boost your search traffic, your competitors, and your position. Now, before we begin, it is important to note that in order to get the most out of this tutorial, your website and content must meet a certain standard level. Generally speaking,

your site should

  • be mobile-friendly,
  • load fast,
  • have clear navigation and UX,
  • be secure using HTTPS,
  • be free of technical SEO issues
  • and your content good.
SEO - How to Rank on the First Page of Google
SEO – How to Rank on the First Page of Google

How should be written Google’s rankings are nothing, but with this process, I’m going to share with you, your website will reach scratch. Now, I’m assuming you exist tungpages are targeting its words. If you are not, then go and check out one of our keyword research article, which I have added for you in detail. OK, so this whole process is in the flow chart. Create a screenshot for your own record and let’s get started.

The first is to test the power of competition.

With any fight, you need to know who you are against.And since we want to qualify on the first page of Google, your competition is obviously going to have 10 great results. Now, at this point, we just want to check QuixPot to see if the following keywords in the website ranking are out of our league.

So they say you have a relatively new SEO blog and want to rank it.

“SEO.” So you see that the top pages are well-known brands such as Moose, Search Engine Land, Word Stream, and Google. Chances are, you probably won’t be able to unite any time soon. While “cheap SEO services” shows up for “small business” sites you may not have heard of, it may be your wheels. Inside the house, the other thing is to see that the website is the authority. About the cover, we use a metric called

Check  website authority

Domain Rating or DR. This amazingly represents the overall strength of the backlink profile.

I do not use this as a central problem with the Matter Gauge rating, it examines the relative “strength” of a brand from the SEO point of view. If you are not a standalone user, you can use the free website “Authority” Checker. Enter your domain first and you will see a DR score. Consider this. This lets you check the top 10 ranking websites for domain ranking. If you have an account, just go to Keyword Explorer and enter your target keywords. The keyword “SEO” is too high in the site’s domain ranking. So if your DR talk 30, you probably won’t be able to compete. For keywords of “affordable SEO services for small business”, you’ll see the domain rankings 6 through 86. So for this DR30 site, I would say that it is well yours to own a wheelhouse. If you have chosen a keyword that is very competitive, go back to Keyword Research. And if your keywords can be ranked, let’s move on to the next step,

search intent.

which is to make sure your page is consistent with the search intent. The intent of the search is to find the reason behind the inquiry. For example, if you search for “ways to make a great sub”, you will find that almost all ranking pages are a step-by-step guide. To determine the intent of the search, identify only Google’s word, and


The 3 C search intent.

The first is the nature of the content. So top pages are blog posts, products, categories, or landing pages? For example, there are all e-commerce categories similar to the category pages for “protein powder”. Pages – the second C is the

content format.

And this applies when you try to rate informational content. Common formats

  • include guides,
  • step-by-step articles,
  • listings posts,
  • opinion pieces,
  • reviews,
  • and comparisons.

So if we look at the top pages of “Best Tasting Protein Powder” you will be served ee lists of all the pages. And the third is the angle of the material. It is difficult to know more than the type or shape, but Statistically, the ranking of the pages, titled “Best Protein Powder”, is the current year on everyone’s title, which is a refreshing angle to me. Wherever pages are ranked. “For Beginners.” Taking the “Blogging Tips” angle. If you want to rate “Blogging Tips” with an article called


“17 Advanced Blogging Tips Professional Bloggers”,


it can be difficult to rank it, because, the better you can ask the searcher. Yes, the better you get the higher the chances of ranking. If your page does not match the search intent, you may want to update this page. But if your page matches the intent, allow smoke in the next step, making sure your content is fully included. The way you and I look at topics is different from Google’s approach. For example, if you and I talk the best, look at the brands,

complete with top 10 pages

I can talk about you and you can talk about Omega Skate five more people, and you have a completely different Responses can be found. Now, looking at the query on the first 10 pages of Google, it is quite obvious that you should write a list-style blog post that focuses on the Halloween luxury brands. And if you go to the pages, you ‘ll be interested. All you mention is Rolex. So this is probably a brand you should add if you don’t already have one. Now, this is just guesswork. So if you want to take it one step further, analyze the content gap on the page level.


Just take a few high-ranking pages and paste them into the upper part of the Gap tool for content. I’ve already done this with 5 related pages, so let’s run search. And now you can see the questions that one or more of these pages are being categorized. Just check through the keywords and you will get a better idea of   the subtopics you should talk about.


۔ Now, if your content is not equal, then follow them and follow them. Steps. But if you’ve completely covered your topic, go to n The next step you need to figure out the number of backlinks and then create them. Backlinks are an important ranking factor.


Not only has Google said it itself, but every industry study has found a positive relationship between organic search track and backlinks. There is no way to know the exact numbers needed for backlinks because not all backlinks are created equal. But we can make a guess using the alias Keyword Explorer. Find your target keywords And just below the keyword difficulty score, you’ll see a little note that says, “We estimate that you can rank this keyword in the top 10 for about 43 websites. Web sites will need backlinks.


The way we come up with this number is to reduce the average of number of unique websites linked from the pages above. Therefore, while it may serve as an eyeball metric, I suggest looking at the top 10 pages so that you can analyze website factors as well as the ideological relevance of other factors, such as pages and domains. There is a complete tutorial on evaluating the Ranking Deflection, which I will link to in detail.


Now, if you don’t have enough backlinks, Thingo and see our link building playlist and follow it. But if you have enough, let’s go. The next step is to add internal links to your page. We already know that backlinks can help increase the power of your page. But internal links can also be a great help. To find pages you should add links, which include searching and searching on Google for the site: and then a keyword that matches your page. You will then see all the pages that are set up on your site that will appear anywhere on the Keywords page.



Visit the pages & add internal links where relevant. Generally speaking, the more “authority” you have on the pages you connect to, the more “authority” it can move to the linked pages. If you don’t have any authentic pages to link to, I highly recommend my video “Middle Man Technique,” which has a S strategy based on S Tragic Linking. Now, after you’ve done everything, it’s just a matter of waiting. how long? Well, that’s it



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