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We talk about building a broken link. The article, blog posts, and forums. But does it really work? You’re about to find this article.


What is happening to dominate your position? Now, I know that link building can be a huge struggle, especially for those who are new to SEO, so I want to be part of one of my broken link building campaigns. And instead of just showing you “results,” I want to show you the right technique. I’ve sent a valid email and some important errors that will cost me really easy links. Here’s a brief explanation:


The website I contacted is a blog about natural health, especially in the aromatherapy niche. And I bought this blog a few years ago and it didn’t stop me from hiring some authors and solving some of the most important SEO issues. So let’s go straight to it.

First, what is a broken link?

First, what is a broken link? Broken Link Building is a strategy where you find a broken page that points to it, rebuild a page on the same page, then email and connect to everyone who joins the 404 pages. To replace the dead link with you. OK, so one step is to

Step 1: 

find a dead page that has links to it. The easiest way to do this is to find a competitive website that has links. So I’ll look for a website in the aromatherapy niche. Next, go to the “Best by links” report, which lists the pages that have the most links to this domain. Then use the “HTTP Code” filter and select 404. Now, you can view all the dead pages in this domain, and order them by descending referenced domains, to see which ones will be better reset. Now, it is important to note that the number of backlinks you will find points to a dead page will vary a lot depending on your industry. So this report may not seem surprising on a top page with only 11 referring domains, but it does have a fair amount of broken connections in the aromatherapy niche. Now, if you do not know which website to look for, just enter your domain in Site Explorer. And then go to the Competitive Domains report. Here, you can see a list of websites that are listed in the top 10 keywords for the same keyword as your target domain. In general, the more general keywords you have, the more you want to rank your keywords from those websites. From here, you’ll simply search for each of these domains in Site Explorer, go to Best through the Links report, and then filter the 404 pages as we did in the previous example. Well, so looking at the 404 pages in the Best Buy Links report, I was most interested in reducing essential oils because I already had a post on the subject that needed an update. So let’s see the backlinks report for this page. Here, you will see that all links 301 are performed from a different domain, which is exactly what happened.rebrand. Now the rabbit hole has to go a little deeper. If we click on the caret of this page, you will see that the original page had

47 referring domains before redirecting to the wrong page. Bingo. So, I went to the backlinks profile from here and proceeded to the

Step 2:

which is to check if a broken page is a good fit and worth it. The thing is: if you start blindly e-mailing what you already know about the page, your chances of getting a link are significantly reduced, all mention of wasted time. Not to So first, we need to understand what was on this page first, and then for the context of the links. Get a grip, so it really makes sense to contact our link prospects. You can view the content on this page by clicking on the carat next to the URL that died, and then clicking “View on.”Archive dot org. “Now, don’t copy the content on this page. Instead, look at some of the key points that were covered and what angles they took. And from that point of view, Conversions have been talked about. For the most part, which will be easier to recreate again. , Which will only show us the price-moving links.

Next, I sort the data in descending order by “traffic” and what it does Is at the top of the possibilities of our “best” link list, and links to quality are generally poor. Scroll down your list further. So you can see here that all those posts look like editorial opportunities, which is good. And as we get closer to the list, you’ll see a link to a forum and a bunch of blog spot posts, which I will personally eliminate in my qualification process. You can also set up “referring domains,” instead of traffic, if that’s what you prefer. So everything looks good, so I’ll export the backlinks report. Now the

next part

The next part is the most important in the debate. And to see the context of this link, why are these websites linking to this page on the first page? You can do this simply by scanning the anchors and backlink links columns for your list of prospects, which basically tells you the key points to include in your post. So yes, we can create a “handy guide” for kids and adults on different proportions, talk about proper nuances and add a chart, and even mention People may want to use one to two drops in 10 ml per carrier oil. From here, you’ll need to remove any pages from your backlinks export in order to have a clear list of link possibilities. Well, so,

now that we have the two main parts we need for a break link building campaign.


# 1.

We have important points that we need to include in my article, which I actually sent to my author. And once again, this will make link acquisition much more likely. And

# 2,

you should go through the list of linking pages manually and remove all URLs that were not eligible for good links.


I eliminated about 17 of 17 qualified link prospects after finishing the pages from Backlinks Export.

Step 3:

Proceed to the section that created or broke your broken link building campaign. General Chat Chat Lounge And it is about to arrive. There are three steps to reach.

  • First, you need to find your potential email address,
  • the next one is to create an email,
  • the last step is one I will contact a bit because this is one of the main reasons why so many link building campaigns fail. ۔

Before we deal with each step, let’s use this spreadsheet, which I have left a link to the description so that you can download it and use it for your link building campaign. Open Google Sheet again, click on File, make a contribution py and then click OK to save it to your Google Drive so you can edit your copy. Okay, so the first step is to import your clean lists list, so click on the AhrefsImport tab. Then file, import, upload, and then drag and drop your clean list down there. Since we are only using a single report, you can select, “Replace existing sheet”, then click “Import data”. After you finish importing, go to the first tab and you’ll see some important metrics as well as a referring page URL. Now, let’s go to the first linking page. And as you can see right now, it looks like this website is from an author blogger named Lindsey. We’ll add the name to the spreadsheet. Next, we need to find its email address. The tool I mainly use is They have a Chrome extension, so you can see that it’s light orange, which means they have some email addresses on file for this domain. So I’ll click on it, and you can see the Hunter e-mail addresses that Hunter scraped. Now, you want to choose the most appropriate email address. For small companies, this will probably be the author or founder. And for medium and large companies like Alpha or Whole Foods, that would be like an editor or a content marketing manager.


So I’ll quickly add Lindsay’s email address to the spreadsheet and you’ll only need to do it for them all. Different URLs in this list Well, now we really need to create an email that we hope will return to our site.


Now that you’re writing your email, I want you to keep these two things in mind. First, you want to give as organic a sound as possible. So, address them by their first name and use natural, conversation language. So you don’t want to say as robotics “Hello webmaster, this is a broken link to your website and it might be a good idea to fix it. This is a good link to work with permanently. However, you want to connect with them in the first sentence somehow, if possible. So take an extra minute to know a thing or two about the person you are contacting. After Lindsay’s Sidebar has a short profile, I know she’s in her entire life and loves food. Me too!

So I can start with:

Hi Lindsay, my name [tech to Amjad]  we think we think 🙂



you wanna tell them why you are contacting them so I might say something …

I’m emailing you Because I clicked on one of your links on Lee Harris’ blog in your “Natural Remedies for Ear Infection” post, and it looks like it has been deleted.

Now the important thing about the above line is that I am, saying that she can remove it or update it.


Just don’t update it. After that, we want to stretch our resources, so keep going. If you are open to suggestions for alternatives, I have recently developed an important (yet comprehensive) guide on how to safely reduce essential oils. And then with a link, (peer-reviewed by Clinical Aromatherapist).

Now, I’m not stressing, but I’m explaining my intentions as to why. And in this line a couple of new tips they will use their language. So if we look at our spreadsheet you will see that the link was the anchor, the “handy guide”, which is why it placed the link in the first place. I have also added the ability to connect to my article by mentioning it as it was reviewed by an Accernal Aromatherapist multiple times.

Now, let’s finish the email.

No pressure at all. I just thought you might be interested in a recent article. Anyway, I’m glad to find your blog! I’ve already shared this with some of my other author friends in my Facebook group 🙂



a quick disclaimer: Don’t say you love their blog. It didn’t even take a second to read their contents. I actually shared his post with some other author friends. Lastly, put the icing on the cake and add more value.


PS If you ever need help with anything, like shares, feedback, or anything, I’m always happy to help. 🙂


Sounds like a pretty solid and kind email? Well, here are two key points that I missed out on, which resulted in above-average results,

but nothing unusual. So out of the 32 emails I sent, 7 responded and 6 were linked. This is an 18.75% conversion rate, which is good enough, even though the sample size is small. But want to know what is more than double my conversion?

2 things:

First, add a screenshot of where the broken link is.
So let’s edit our original email a bit and add, “Here’s a screenshot of where I got it:”


And the last touch is to include a follow-up email from people who are in the right post. Don’t reply later.


Hi Again, we want to sound more natural. So don’t say, “This is the last time I’ll contact you, so I wanted to see if you got my last email.” Instead, offer more value. So you can say something like this, then again! We were just setting up our Pentosaurier queue (30,000+ followers) and it reminded you of an ear infection treatment article that would fit our holstooling board. I just wanted to check in and see if it was the best. Add, or if you have another, it will fit better. The hottest, tech to Amjad


& Boom. check this out.


The next 20 emails I sent were answered by 7 people. And of the people who responded, all 7 linked to the article and 2 people were linked to the page without answering the initial email, which, of course, I knew because of Ahrefs backlinks alerts. So a total of 9 new links out of 20, which is a 45% exchange rate. Now, let’s do the math. So after sending a total of 52 emails, my broken link building campaign came up with 15 links, which is 28.8% of the overall conversion rate, which is A + in my books. Now, the emails I sent were not a weakness guide, but the result was the number one ranking for my target keywords. Now, it’s important to note that your results will vary. I’ve seen conversion rates drop significantly in different niche and even different titles. Also, if your content is not worth it, then I recommend making sure that this is an advanced place before sending emails as you will be exposed to the potential for great links.


Finally, I want to make a quick note of the scale of this process. Everything I just showed you can be outsourced. But some tasks, like link prospecting, and answering emails, maybe the parts you want to handle yourself unless you find someone with the right skills to handle them. Get people to fill in names and email

addresses anywhere between 31-10 cents to any contact. So you can search freely on Upwork or someone else who has found my good results is mechanical abandonment. So in this particular case, I think I paid under $ 3 for 50 or more contact details, which saved me a lot of time. For mass sizes, you can use tools such as BuzzStream, MailShock, or Pitchbox to send mass.

broken link building

Emails, while still personalizing them using integration tags. So I’m sure you can see why we like broken link building, right? From my experience, this is the easiest and most effective way to get high-quality backlinks to your website with the least amount of effort possible.

broken link building

Now, hit the follow button for more viable SEO and marketing lessons, and hey, if you want to see more of this kind of life link building and SEO campaigns, let us know in the comments below. So stay tuned, get more links, and I’ll see you in the next article.

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