These 5 unique features will show you why it’s your choice



1. Tree View


In the Search tab and in the “SEO Research” section of the tool, enter the domain “TreeView”. You now have a complete list of URLs that contain all keywords that have URLs and are ranked in SERP. For the first time, you have the opportunity to analyze each page full of keywords, usually as a domain. It’s time to implement Super SEO Kung Fu. Click “Filters” to filter the domain position by keywords ranging from 11 to 20, and get a list of potentially successful keywords that can easily be managed in the top 10 by managing the site’s internal links. ۔ Implement this working technique to achieve the highest levels of organic search.


2. Pages on the title


Enter your researched domain in the

“SEO Research”

section, click on

“Top Pages”

to get a full list of site pages, along with keyword density distribution and the number of shares on Facebook.  This unique feature lets you identify the most successful driving pages of any site. Potential traffic will show you how much traffic you’ll get if your page is at the top of organic search. I think I don’t have to explain why you should always measure what works best and what’s bad.


3. Keywords are missing in the URL


While still ordering your list by volume in the “Top Pages” section (arrange the descending or ascending order by clicking “Organic Keywords”) and select the URL that contains the most keywords. ۔ Now we have the possibility to analyze a particular URL. In the “Domain Analysis” section, select “Keyword Missing” to find your keywords for which your competitors rank at the top 10 but are missing out on your page. This revolutionary feature gives you certified top keywords. Again, I will not consider why you should increase your sense of reason for obvious reasons.

4. Tips


When you enter the keyword in the “SEO Research” section, tap “Search Tips”. This is where all the search queries for your keywords are displayed. This feature is especially important for content sellers and bloggers as it has a unique filter “Questions Only” that helps you identify search trends, relevant queries, and reach a wider audience (when promoting traffic. To get the answers).


5. Cluster Search


Enter your researched keywords (our “Shoes Buyers”) and click “Cluster Research” in the “SEO Research” section to find words that are close to your keywords and similar Are used through the pages of You will have a complete list of keywords that are also used to search for a given product/service. This data is directly from Google’s Cluster Search, and this uniqueness lies in the fact that your competitors are not likely to use only Google W Planner. Always be ahead of your competitors. Notice the “contact strength” rate. It measures how many sites rank in that particular keyword in the search results.


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