Amazon Affiliate Marketing Step-By-Step For Beginners


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Hi everyone this is Stephanie I’m amjad khan in life Today, I’m going to share some of Amazon’s affiliate marketing somazone to create its own affiliate program that lets you promote and commission any product on Amazon. Amazon’s affiliate program. It’s called Amazon Associate, which is 100 percent free to join as I said you can get accession from any product and have this affiliate program for every one of Amazon’s markets for That is with the United States if it is with the Amazon partner UK. You want to sell products within the United Kingdom and build a product with them. She is Amazon-Canadian Canada. I’m on Amazon Australia India Mexico on every platform and go and find Amazon affiliate programs affiliated with Amazon or GoogleGato slash. It’s linked to some of them for you below, but you can promote any product on Amazon. One of the great things about affiliate marketing is that you now have a way that you honestly don’t profit. This is because there are some terms that I will share with you in this leader and there is no way that is not as effective as the oil share with you people. How can I make money with Amazon affiliate marketing but what I create with them is really understandable that can promote you, so I’ll share some straightforward ways to make money via Amazon. ۔


Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Within the Affiliate Program and this video I am gonna do a screen capture video so I will share my screen with you on my screen and walk you behind the scenes of Amazon Scouts and how I can make money. how do i use it in my business but like acid ‘if you can focus on affiliate marketing even on endbetter methods i will share it and i would also invite you to find someone below affiliate marketing There is a link to a free masterclass where you can join for free where I can share some of my affiliate marketing strategies I will be a godfather. Well, affiliate marketing that is making millions of dollars is fine, let’s first look at some of Amazon’s affiliate programs, the biggest job by profession that you can promote to any product that Very good because it is estimated that there are several products available on Amazon’s millions. You can answer any of these and the one you want to get cool about, because many companies and brands may not have AirAir’s own affiliate program for themselves sometimes. Mention a product or a product that has to be promoted and distributed, and a link to get some commissions that the company does not have its own program in which I can find it on Amazon Associates and The icon now has an affiliate link as it is super cool and now you can promote any product while it has Another plus Pro is if you promote a product you would like to ask you a link that you promote blender. AmazonWorks is within 24 hours when they click on you

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Link to them If they buy other products besides this, they don’t buy this blender but they buy someone else’s product and the variety of goods they fill their shopping cartand they check and purchase. There are 24 hours in which you really make make up work and all of these products, so not just one that you attach to the towel, but to any of them who buy within 24 hours this is a big deal because Most people don’t buy a product around when they go to the Amazon, they shop around. Buy and buy some things in their shopping cart and a number of different products so that you can increase the commission as a whole because of what you are getting and this is great. I think one more The important thing is trustworthy which is Amazon’s Amazon I remember years ago and 10 years ago like 10 years ago and even when people were selling online and buying everything and buying products. Via HT They are like buying something scared of someone they don’t know that maybe I will tear up the scheme maker. And most of the time you will automatically change the Amazon landscape because many people are comfortable now buying things online but Amazon has the brand and credibility to trust consumers when they know they are on Amazon. And they’re clicking to buy something from Amazon Hefel, so they can rely on reviews that Amazon has a reputation for.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

A customer who can make a return or refund or whatever its product is usually can change to Baden Amazon which is not being sold at any other store which will result in another Not being sold. For those who already have a credit card on Amazon and thus cannot buy the product, they will not have to re-enter their credit card to buy it. This button will automatically charge a credit card only. So this sale is very easy. Even so, which is great and uses a variety of other wallet charms for many supplement colors so Amazon is usually dependent on the product and category and I can use it anywhere in this liter in the video. I will go up to 10% commission. About honest people I understand that this may be the case in some situations because it is a very low commission and it really depends on the production because of your professional activities and their communication. The reason is that most products on Amazon Physical Products blend in with the overheads and costs, and therefore they can’t pay us a commission more than a digital product like a course or information product. Actually give affiliates a commission from it so Amazon is the least commissioned as I told the promotional box and I show you my account and some of the revenue that I will make later in this video but never Ever the guy Ipromote product and I make

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

As you know or like 12 cents straight because it’s like a tender product that I’m getting 2% commission on or something like that and the challenge is that it’s really Amazon. Make a significant amount of money from this because you are not getting a Hygnef commission and really just that you can really make money to earn thousands of dollars or so you can get a ton or so. Thousands of dollars worth of low-ticket items have to be sold. Which really has to be included or you will start promoting ticket products on Amazon so that if you are making books for example you will get less work for less than a dollar, but if you TV cameras are promoting equipment. It may be that trade-mill jewelry high-ticket items that are more than $ 1000 to actually add ten thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars for one to ten percent, then one hundred dollars straight are five percent a thousand bucks. Costing $ 50 and that is why a lot of high ticket products can be made bigger and better by promoting them, but secondly, considering the way I think later, I think affiliate Marketing where the data can be huge and another fact is that they have a 24-hour cookie so that means They usually hold cookies

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

30 days for tracking is sometimes called 90 days when someone clicks on your link, they add some things to their shopping cart but they do not check it now they do not buy it now. Only buy well, guess what it is in 24 hours, but you are not taking credit for the things they are not making any money on, so this is a negative aspect that is not as good as the investor program. Plus, you know they click on your customer’s link, after which they buy two weeks later until you get a credit for the job. Can’t make it. They either clear their cookies in their browser or they have changed different devices where there is a small category that you can usually lose 1% of, but it turns out that affiliate marketing is the same. But for the most part if they buy in 30 days or 90 days then fine and then this is the second con – sometimes approval is usually you need to set up a website so you can get approval. Their affiliate program and I am with the course that I have joined the master class as I learn more about it with you. I can share but sometimes you have to create a little blog and accept the program after which you are accepted and you start making some commissions and yet it is very easy to stay in it so that they are just you. Do not accept what you really have to show that you have a blog or amazing site and get approval for it. Now these are the important things that I really want to convey to you. Wanted to do that and now I actually share a screen and I walk you

How do I share with you some strategies and programs related to how much money I make from it, as well as some of what I have done so that some of Amazon’s affiliate marketing will take advantage of it? So let’s say to DeVento, OK, let’s get into the Amazon Affiliate program called Amazon. Associate Once again, you can access by going to or through Google Search you can find places in various UK-Canada Australia markets, but first you have to share with Amazon’s fee schedule. So this is based on the affiliate commission you can create. In this product category I mentioned that it is usually anywhere from 1% to 10% so that you can see Amazon Fashion Women Fashion Men’s Fashion Kids-like categories that you know about Up to 10% can be earned in this house. As you know shoes and accessories and Amazon CloudCam and it is on fire TVVices 7 ٪ Headphones 6 ٪ You have knowledgeable video games a nd Video GameConcal 1 يہ so it is important to know because based on the product you Are going to promote that you want to make sure that the commission really understands it to promote it, but the cool thing is that they are also going to pay you on a regular basis. If they have a bounty program, for example if you set up Amazon Prime Video then you can get a $ 3 bounty rate because if people buy Amazon Business S If you sign up you can earn $ 15 for it if they sign up for a free trial you get aymzun Music


$ 3 off of that so you can earn on the various services available to Amazon as well – and they have a party network, but I will link Link to smash Tamitus so I can now login to my Amazonasys account. Because I have often mentioned affiliate marketing is not in the way of Amazon Associates when I use Amazon Associates only if there is a product I share in my blog or its Mention that I will make you feel like myself as well as have a link to it. It can also be linked to Amazon. It is also an affiliate link so I can earn the least and get something like this from Amazon but for the most part I don’t really focus on making money. This is just this kind of supplemental extra income. I make a lot of money from it and this is not a valuable amount of money by any means. A strategy like I said is to really make money by doing Amazon Fleet Marketing. And advertise the high ticket product that is more than $ 1000 according to the strategy I mentioned earlier on TV and camera equipment. Gems and jewelry and you’ll know more expensive products that can really add to you and make you younger, but I’ll share with you just behind the scenes of my account here. Scroll down I can see that you know that 192 item stores were shipped up to this month, the revenue I earned from it is $ 285 so you can’t miss out on 180 of those things. Is. People who clicked on my affiliate


Click so close that the conversion rate is three points five percent right so you can make money based on all these traffic and conversions, which is not a valuable amount of money and it really promotes a product that For example promotes such products. ones With over 285 commissions from a single commission, I have some hype products that I promote that go beyond the affiliate Amazon program that I can earn $ 500 to $ 1,000 for a single cell. And you know that even a conversion rate like this one percent will make much more money than the only affiliate program Amazon is doing so I would like to say that it has that kind of a downside. There is nothing better than that but this is not something you are going to survive. Okay, so let’s go a little deeper in the last 30 days. There are sad reports when I was $ 359 yesterday when I included the product in favor and I could see the signs of it all, but here are some productions that I received from the commission so that you Be aware that people buy Amazon gift cards. Of course I did not earn anything, which is a book that I actually presented many years ago. Make Passive Income From This Day It’s A Book Called Benjiso On The Brain This is a book that helps people eat. This is really a really good quality book about You can learn here and I’ve been able to make some money by promoting it so that you can find out there are about 20 8.20 and $ 3 and 96 cents and you can tell

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This is not important as it is a small product that sells anywhere from 9 to 15 anywhere and it will not really make a significant amount of money but I did promote it though in this blog post for example that I Has done so in the blog post. I mention it in youtube video and if I mention it and also contact it then there is an affiliate link so if you come here you will know that I have an affiliate link. Which makes me a note so I link to it here, people click on it and then if they go ahead and buy it within 24 hours then I earn the commission you get here right. Did you know that there are some traditional books that you know of that have a product that I really don’t propose? However, if people have stopped shopping, it only includes one type of car. You can see that most of these products are bitcoin, nothing really that much, here you know there is a bit more of a higher ticket product II so you can get it back to me. Things are a bit better to understand. Well, for example, earning this is an amnestic trampoline. For that I pay commissions at twenty dollars, but that is not changing. You know I have twelve hundred clicks, you know. The only thing that is shipped is four hundred and fifty dollars dollars product you know so it does not seem like some great people clicked on this link but buy this onestad Eliminated or they bought this one it looks like it has been sold and I might add a few more people to it but you You are An example of this is that I have this YouTube video where I am


Share and share the way I am making money from this video, here is my affiliate link here and they have a private affiliate program so in fact I just do not support it on Amazon because sometimes For example this rebounder pulls this product here. The work I’m doing here is pointless to go to this company directly on Amazon, so for example if I go to Google and type in a program affiliated with seller David Hall, There is an affiliate program where he will pay a better commission. Program they will pay tax for every sale of ission 50 and what i am selling here on amazon i get $ 20 so i mean amazon trust and no but i mean i am this boy’s private This is just one example of where Amazon can best note sometimes the company has its own affiliate program that can now make things a bit better. The marketing I use for Amazon is here on the MySource page so I have already mentioned the books Iusally mentioned in the affiliate links that you can see that I am so much more than a bit of a lightweight. Can’t make money as well as do nothing to make it work Ialways has no extra cost. Make sure that I have affiliate disclaimer when I do default marketing, as well as Ialways contains affiliate links on this page. If you purchase any of these products, I do not charge any commission extra for you. Yes. I only support products that have general use and benefit.


Thank you for your support that you have found something to disclose in the FFC but if I come down here, these are all the resources I use in my business and life, or most mandated anyway. One of my interests on my website is to hopefully go through “Checkout and Buffet. We come here. You know there are some products that are affiliated with Amazon only, so Thecamera Equipment. The Panasonic gh4 that I use is an Amazon affiliate link theconon c300 mark is an Amazon affiliate link signed by Heiser lavell Ear Rights I have a link to an ID from these products, because you know that some of them are hasher ticket products that I will be sharing with BotSum products, and I will explicitly mention these books on the resources page. What I recommend and go through with it is but the only other way I am really affiliated with Amazon is just a product of my Resources page in some of my content and videos andbooks in Wales. As and now what I have not mentioned is that this is not the best way to make a mini cookie unless you are making high ticket stuff so I I’m doing this video to share with you the reality of affiliate marketing on Amazon. Now I make millions of dollars a year. This is clearly not about affiliate marketing bits, as I have higher tickets to more private affiliate programs and networks. I am promoting products that allow you to get high commissions on products that Amazon will pay for, I only recommend that Amazon affiliate marketing if you do business around it.


The high ticket product is fine as I said over $ 1000 and you are getting a good commission from it and it makes sense or is just nerve fine you have no other book if you Mention a book or if you are going, mention something and you know that is available on Amazon and you can get a link to it then you will That you can make one extra couple hundred boxes but it probably won’t be for you after that. If I recommend affiliate marketing but better tactics can be found to find more ticket products that get higher prices but in some cases like commission 2 or 3% commission 50 Instead pay 50% commission. Commissions that inform you of receiving high commission ticket products and I would like to teach you how they are my affiliate marketing master class. A free training that I do is to help Would like to invite me to link Link or want to go for WWE skills, but if I come here and you can find any product, just let me know how it shows you how it works. Are completely done with, so they all type in the outbound but I forgot it so you can see a product here that I can promote the product just click on the get link. They say that the event is about to advertise it. This is a bad thing, let’s just 30. Let’s go back. Oklet says that I want to promote camels. That’s it

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Click here for $ 250 fine links and here I can create different links so that I can be like this person have banners like this. If you just want a text link you can click here. And click on a short link. Well you can copy and paste this to be your affiliate link or just a standard link that you can also use or if you just want to use this kind of icon and have an affiliate link. Copy and paste it into the HTML section of your blog Sohat is how you will promote and promote the product just by taking the links here and linking it to the tapering. So this is Amazon-related marketing, hope you enjoy this video if you like it. Make sure you subscribe for more videos and make sure you press the Belt button button when you subscribe so you can get notifications for more videos like marketing and building your online business. Otherwise I would love to join an upcoming free masterclass in affiliate marketing


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