The Best FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites

New websites struggle to get traffic. If you have the money, it’s easy. You have to find the best-advertising platform where your target audience and only the ads pay. But if you don’t have the money, where can you find free traffic sources? Hey everyone, I am tech to Amjad. And today I’m going to eliminate the best traffic sources for new websites.


the best source of traffic first, YouTube

So, let’s dive in. The best source of traffic first, YouTube. Look, this is the second most used search engine. I’ve officially raised my channel to 490,000 subscribers and nearly a million monthly views in less than three years. So, you may be wondering how you can get free traffic from YouTube? Well, if you’re going to YouTube, you’ll need to upload videos. The best thing you can do when you upload videos is in the first 24 hours when the extent to which your video is hit is publicity. I’m not talking about paid ads. I’m talking about telling your friends about it, asking them to share it, ask them to like the video, leave a comment. Even when you’re recording your video, people ask you for feedback.


For example, when I record a video like this, can I ask any questions, have you ever uploaded a YouTube video? If you leave a comment with yes if you leave a comment without. The great thing with YouTube’s algorithm is how well the video performs in the first 24 hours. And that is not just counting ideas, but also engaging them. Another thing you can do on YouTube is to let people know that hey, I got a list and a chat sheet on my website. So, when you have a website and you’re creating these YouTube videos, and you ask people to go to your site’s specific URL, you know that people type in it manually. And you get free traffic. The website I have done this in the past, it works very well. Just don’t use it with every video you create because it will end, but when you have something amazing to offer for free.

the second source of traffic Udemy

Another source of traffic that you can get by offering a free youtube course. General Chat Chat Lounge According to CinemaWeb, the edema attracts more than 68 million visitors a month. It’s a lot of traffic. The nice thing about the people at Ademi is that they are always looking for new things. You can host a free course, all PDFs, workbooks, checklists, downloadables and them on your site. This is how the people of Admiwel will go to your site again. It’s a great way, and those people are very busy. When someone is watching a five, 10, 20, 30-minute video on ODM and they are learning, you bet they are more likely to exchange when they visit your site because they are extremely busy. You are making amazing links, amazing contacts with them. You too are building trust. This will help turn these meetings into customers too. Podcast tours,


the third traffic source podcast tours

the third traffic source I have. Wondering about podcast tours?
I’m not asking you to go and create your own podcast, but there are a lot of other podcasts that I interview with other people. Find all these podcasts. You can visit the iTunes Store, you can see Google because Google now indexes podcasts. Find people who interview a lot of other people. Pitch them to join your show, and talk about what you can offer their audience that will be valuable. Now, during your interview, make sure you share your URL, your website and give them something free so they can go to your site so they have access to your site. This causes them to be like ah, I’m too slow to type in the URL. But when you give them something really cool, they’ll go to your website and start turning all those podcast listeners into visitors. And that will change with email addresses, consulting calls, and even sales of your product or service.

the Fourth traffic source Pinterest

the Fourth traffic source, Pinterest and tailwind tabs. So, you’ve all seen the Pinterest. Now, they usually do business. They’re really big, and when you’re at Pinterest you want to get a ton of pins. Because the more pins you attract, the more people who come to your site the longer you go. General Chat Chat Lounge So, this is what I want you to do with Pinterest. I want you to find 20-page boards already. If you search for boards that already have 20 pins, you’re likely to

Improve using this strategy. Then you’ll need to add some photos. And you can create them at for free and point these pictures to your best blog articles. Now, when you do, this image should be linked to your blog article. I just can’t post pictures of dogs on Pinterest and say, hey, check out my marketing articles. This is not working. But if it is relevant, it will work. Then you will need to subscribe to TeleWind’s free trial account, no credit card required,


then the next step Tailwind Tribes

and then the next step is to click on the Trab tab and start searching for tribes in your location. ۔ You just have to type in the keywords and you will find many of them. And all you have to do is share the best content with other members of those tribes, and then others will start sharing you as well. Doing so will allow you to start to see more and more pages, giving you a higher chance of attracting more people to your site. It works great. The key to this work is that you want to distribute 30 to 50 pins a day. This will allow you to do a really good job, and here’s a trick. Tail Winds allow you to schedule them so you don’t have to do them all at once.


The fifth traffic source, Canva

The fifth traffic source, Virtual Summit, hosts. In fact, choose a specific topic, in other words, you should get a place for your program. Because if you don’t have a niche, everyone’s already conferenced about marketing, or pets, or whatever. If you are going to do some marketing work, do not just select SEO. You can just pick up an entire event on Link Building, or on Facebook, Social Media Shares, or whatever. Therefore, when you find something special, you are likely to do much better. Then pack it in a way that makes it really interesting. For example, if I’m just saying Facebook, I’ll do this for Facebook organic access, and then PDF extension guides, templates, swipe files, checklists, Sheets. All of this will let people be like, oh my God, this is going to be amazing. Let me know by submitting your email, joining, telling other people about it. Then you decide on the format. Should it be just crash courses, interviews, slideshow presentations, how long will it be, will there be live Q&A? Once you understand that your shape will disappear, or you can mix everything in a bit. Be honest, and have different speakers. And build relationships with other influencers and make them a guest before you host your event. But when they are there as a guest, make sure they add it to their list and tell other people about it as it will help them get more press. And of course, you’re using everyone who’s pushing it forward. You’re getting this master list, and you’re promoting each speaker who helps them. And when you do this virtual event, you want to make sure that people will be able to visit your website for files, cheat sheets, videos, recordings, to attract more people to your site. Will help Make sure you also have a fireplace. Because when these people visit your site, you want to make sure you are selling more things. Because once your virtual summit gets engaged for hours, there is a really good chance that you will get them. Add to this the recorded version of the event. General Chat Chat Lounge You can even sell them to other products or services that are related to the event. Now keep in mind, I need you to select a niche when you want to recreate the virtual event, but also the location from the products and services you sell.Must be related. Because if it doesn’t, you won’t do it well.

the Sixth free traffic source, Facebook groups

the Sixth free traffic source, Facebook groups. Facebook reported during its second-quarter earnings call that 200 million users are members of meaningful groups. They are also communities in which people are interacting daily with other Facebook members. This number has doubled over the last year. Due to privacy concerns, Facebook is shifting its attention from traditional public news feeds to more private experiences through groups. This is what he said during the FA Conference in May 2019. Therefore, it simply means that Facebook groups have great potential for getting more traffic from you. What I want you to do is to start sharing other people’s content with the group. I want you to join in and leave comments, help other people, answer their questions. And then once you’ve done that for a while. And when I mean I’ve been talking for a few weeks straight, then start posting articles and videos about what you’re preparing for. It will take people to you

Website If this is a video, in this video you will be talking about how people can download a cheat sheet or ebook when they do not have a specific URL on your site. It will also drive more traffic to your website indirectly. Remember, Facebook wants people to stay on their platform with articles as well as videos. But if you are using videos, you need to make sure that you are telling people where they can go to your site to receive additional supplies. Similarly, you are going to get this free traffic from Facebook. Okay, so I know I’ve made a lot of strategies and you’re probably overwhelmed. If you need someone to do this you can just check out my ad agency,

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