Can You Rank web Content Without Building Backlinks? tech to Amjad

Rank your website without Building Backlinks


Can you rank on Google without backlinks? The answer is yes. But it comes with a lot of chaos. So, today, we’re going to study a few pages without backlinks that are getting tons of traffic and extracting some useful insights that you can apply to your SEO. get in touch.


What’s happening with SEOs? There is no denying that backlinks help you rank higher in Google. Google says on its “How it works” page. Our research study confirms a clear positive correlation. And if you ask any experienced SEO, they’ll be pleased. But do you really need to get a meaningful amount of search traffic from questions that have a certain commercial value? Now, instead of continuing our mysterious comments, we will let the data speak.

So in order to source my data, I used Exploration Content Exploration, a searchable database of over a billion pages, filtered through multiple SEO metrics. So to get started, I searched for a blank to filter all the pages in the Content Explorer database. Then I applied some filters. First, I set the maximum number of referring domains to 0.

And referring domains are unique websites that link to a page. Next, I set up a filter to show live pages. Finally, I set up a traffic filter to show only pages that are searched at least 1000 monthly, as I think most people would agree that this is a reasonable amount of money for a single page.

Is. And I will actually set filter trends to display the data for the past three years in the filter sparkline graph so that we can get a better visualization of page traffic trends. Well, so, at this point, Content Explorer is saying that there are about 24443,000 live pages out of which at least 1000 monthly search visits are identified on zero backlinks.


domain ranking

There are a lot of results here, so group them into 3 groups based on domain rating. General Chat Chat Lounge And domain ranking is a mathematical metric that represents the overall strength of a website’s backlink profile. The number is closer to 100, the domain has the same so-called “authority”.

3 domain tiers

Now, the three levels I have configured are

  • RD-0, DR-31,
  • DR – 31 – 60.
  •  DR-61 Plus.


RD-0, DR-31, websites,

Well, then there are 1 Dior 030 websites, which I would rate as “low authority”. If you look at the results, you will find that most of the pages are not in English. Given that most websites have English content, this may seem strange. Now, the reason is that non-English questions are usually less competitive, so it’s easier to rank them without a link. For example, Arabic makes up only 0.8% of content on the Internet, meaningless competitors and an easy ranking environment.

takeaway # 1.

Therefore, the general idea of number 1 is that in general, content in languages other than English will be easy to categorize and get organic traffic, even if you have no or many backlinks. Now, since I’m not fluent in Arabic, set the language filter to English for the rest of this tutorial. Okay, so if you mostly look at topics that are getting search traffic, there are four things you’ll notice.


If you are targeting an English country as the official language of the United States, Canada, the UK, or Australia, you will find that many pages of this category are receiving the most traffic from other countries.


For example, this page receives most of its traffic from Pakistan and India.

# 2.

You will see a large amount of content that is not secure for work.

# 3.

Many of the titles on these pages are for topics that are not legal at all.

For example, it’s considered a paid game. And

# 4.

You will be hard-pressed to find pages with good commercial value.

For example, this page is about the total value of celebrity husbands, which may not affect your bottom line. But there are some rare pages whose merchandise can vary depending on your business. For example, this page has questions about legal topics. It reviews more than 2,300 monthly searches and the website looks like it was run by a law firm, which makes a lot of sense. All in all, detecting actionable insights from this level will be slim attacking. Now, remember that I am searching through my entire database. So even if you search for broad keywords like “gardening,” you’ll only see four results that will be worth pursuing. So, let’s move on to middle-class websites that cost


Can You Rank web Content Without Building Backlinks? tech to Amjad
Can You Rank web Content Without Building Backlinks? tech to Amjad

DR – 31 – 60.

DR – 31 – 60. Now, in this group of pages, you will see a lower level like the previous level, but to a lesser extent. The main difference factor is that you will start to see pages that are ranking less competitive titles that have some commercial value. For example, this page is ranking for the “Best Bluetooth headphones for UNDER”$ 50 which has a

Keyword Difficulty
The score of just 8. This page is about higher education, which has a lot of commercial value. This page is taking advantage of questions that are valuable for divorce lawyers. And you will also get occasional high traffic opportunities like this one, which gets over 12000 monthly search visits with zero links. Pages with zero links to sites seem to rank more readily for less competitive topics with commercial value – they are also taking advantage of long-standing questions. There is a decent amount of demand in search, and we’ve passed the example of “the best Bluetooth headphones for less than 50 Bluetooth.” The most interesting example for me is the page ranking for divorce questions.

Most of the traffic on this page come from the UK, and it’s likely because of consistency,

  • company location,
  • CCTLD.

T needs to be remembered here from the US. There are many other countries outside where it is easy to compete. Therefore, even though their share of traffic reduces non-US countries, most titles will have a higher demand for search and bank value than commercial value. So in my opinion, if you do not have the resources of Fortune 500 or do not have the expertise of top agencies,

Takeaway #2

it may be worth researching that it will be easier for other countries to enter the competitive market. Well, let’s look at the last level and there are sites with domain rankings of

DR  60 sites

61१ or higher. And while this category of pages is similar to the

DR 31 to 60 sites,

DR 31 to 60 sites, the higher DR sites rank more competitive questions without links.

For example, this page has a high ranking for “cheap cigars”, with a keyword difficulty score of 45. And then you will see sites like Credit Credit Numbering for more competitive keywords on credit card debt, with no backlinks. The bottom line, when you have a truly authentic site, you’ll have the ability to rank some pretty competitive keywords even if you don’t have the number of links. But even a highly focused and authoritative site such as Credit Karma is ranking at the bottom of page 1 for their top queries only. And if you look at the top 10 results for this word, all of the pages in Heggery’s ranking are also authentic,

top-notch, but the important difference here is that they all have links. So targeting low-competition topics is a great way to start a site and gain traction, but the fact is, you’ll be hitting on valuable topics for faster targeting. And if other sites start targeting those same topics, then eventually,

it won’t be that much less competitive and you’ll need links to keep up. Most importantly, if you want to build a sustainable and growing business, you will definitely want to pursue more competitive topics as competition is usually worth the trade. So what’s going to happen?

Are you going after less competitive topics to earn just a small slice of the pie? Or are you creating links to talk about the whole thing? Let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed this article, be sure to like and share, and I highly recommend you check out our link building article  Tin a step-by-step article. So stay tuned and I’ll see you in the next article.



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